Tails Of A Woodswoman Ii

Author: Patricia Anderson
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490722661
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Patricia Anderson. Tails ofa Woodswoman Patricia Anderson Tails of a
Woodwoman II PATRICIA ANDERSON Order this book. Front Cover.

Woodswoman Ii

Author: Anne LaBastille
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393320596
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Anne LaBastille wrote her best-selling book Woodswoman about the peace and solitude she found in the log cabin she built at Black Bear Lake. Eventually, however, the outside world intruded.

Woodswoman Iiii

Publisher: West of Wind Publications
ISBN: 9780963284631
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Book Four of the Woodswoman's Adventures. Other Books by Anne LaBastille
WoodswomaN Wk^ VaSstlU WoodswomaN Book Four of the Woodswoman's

Woodswoman Iii

Author: Anne LaBastille
Size: 76.41 MB
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II. s I stood on my dock after Labor Day, reveling in the calm, I noticed how very
turbid the water appeared. In early May I could see 15 feet through the glass-
clear lake. Now I couldn't see bottom at six feet. Like the people who lived on its
shores, Black Bear Lake was suffering from big boats. Studies have shown that
large outboard engines (over 40 HP) can churn up water down to 1 5 feet, just
like giant egg beaters moving up and down a lake.* In the shallows, bottom
sediments are ...

At Home On This Earth

Author: Lorraine Anderson
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 9781584651932
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Her Woodswoman trilogy chronicles the challenges and rewards of her chosen
life. What sets LaBastille apart from many other ... innate independence and love
of the wild. An unlikely woodswoman, LaBastille was born in New York City and
raised in suburban Montclair, ... When civilization encroached, she built a smaller
cabin dubbed Thoreau II on a more secluded piece of land, but still she couldn't
escape manmade problems like acid rain. While LaBastille is capable of scientific

Women In Forestry

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I describe it in my fourth book which is Woodswoman II. I built my retreat partly as
a symbol. In Woodswoman II I discuss acid rain and the nuclear wastes issues,
and describe what can happen because of the increasing number of engines,
boats, people and pressures—that whole syndrome. 0& the book* you. have
wnitten, which i& youn. iavonJXel Woodswoman. Yet when Woodswoman II
comes out that will be my favorite. Why wa& Wood&woman youn. iavonite?
Because it was my ...

Muir S Original Log Home Guide For Builders And Buyers

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I 702 I 705 Woodswoman ii: iii 'Q' H?" Tom Walker I 702 Woodswoman, by Anne
LaBastille. The story of one woman who single-handedly met the challenge of the
wildemess. Join the author, a wildlife ecologist, as she embarks on a life of daring
and courage in the Adirondack Mountains. Follow her as she constructs her own
log home, studies endangered wildlife, and survives the elements of nature.
Illustrated. Softcover $7.95 (Can. $9.95). I 705 We Uve In the Alaskan Bush, by
Tom ...

The Real Story

Author: Sarah Statz Cords
Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated
ISBN: 9781591582830
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Subjects: Friendships • Landscape • Love and Dating • Memoirs • New York •
Solitude Now try: LaBastille wrote several sequels (Woodswoman II and III) in
which she describes her continuing quest to balance solitude with
companionship. Kate Whouley's Cottage for Sale — Must Be Moved: A Woman
Moves a House to Make a Home also features a strong woman protagonist who
manages to make the story of buying a $3,000 cottage and attaching it to her
three-room house engaging ...