Woman Without A Shadow

Author: Karen Haber
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575132876
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THE MINDSTONES were the only reason anyone lived on - or more accurately, in - the planet Styx.

The Man Without A Shadow

Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062416111
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The Man Without a Shadow tracks the intimate, illicit relationship between Margot and Eli, as scientist and subject embark upon an exploration of the labyrinthine mysteries of the human brain. Where does “memory” reside?

Writing The Image After Roland Barthes

Author: Jean-Michel Rabaté
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812215960
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Woman. Without. a. Shadow. Diana. Knight. In the photo section of Roland
Barthes by Roland Barthes, Barthes reproduces a nineteenth-century IOU note
from his paternal grandfather to his great-great-uncle. In the comment he places
beneath this, Barthes contrasts the traditional function of writing as the guarantee
of a debt, contract, or representation with its more recent departure toward "text"
and "perversion." On the opposite page stands a representation of the "family
romance" to ...

Women In Modern Drama

Author: Gail Finney
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801499258
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7 Humanism and Patriarchy: Hofmannsthal's Woman without a Shadow On the
surface, few plays could be further removed from the realistic, drawing-room
sphere of Hedda Gabler than Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Die Frau ohne Schatten (
The Woman without a Shadow, 1919). The fourth of six librettos by Hugo von Hof-
mannsthal which Richard Strauss set to music, the text is a fairy tale, taking us
into the world of magic and make-believe. Indebted to sources ranging from the
Arabian ...

Positive Facts Without A Shadow Of Doubt

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If a man marries a woman without a fortune, and raises her, perhaps many
degrees, above the state to which she was born, is it not for his honor that she
should show him that her spirit can rise with her fortune? In what can a woman
show her spirit more than in insolence and opposition ? For is she not taught from
her cradle that submission and acquiescence is meanness, and unbecoming a
woman of spirit” Not but she may insult her husband frequently with the words
duty and ...

Die Frau Ohne Schatten

Author: Richard Strauss
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486439208
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Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman without a Shadow) is widely regarded as Richard Strauss's finest score.

Man Without A Shadow

Author: Colin Wilson
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After making love to Mary, I would look at women without desire, no longer
curious about what they'd be like in bed, knowing already what they'd be like.
This did not last. I thought the affair had blown away all my cobwebs, dried out all
the damp spots of morbidity in me. It didn't. The life force won't allow us to learn
much from our sexual experiences. . . . Besides, as I realized with Geraldine, sex
is by no means my deepest impulse. There were times when I felt like raging
against my ...

Peter Schlemihl Or The Man Without A Shadow

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I will find some desolate place without inhabitant. I will flee the whole world and
all its miserable people. I will — I will. (Exit in despair.) (Enter Anthony and
Bendel.) Bendel. I heard a great commotion here (to Grace). Pardon, my lady.
Anthony. Yes, it must have been this here woman ; nobody else but a woman
could scream such screams as those. Bendel. Tut — nonsense. Anthony. Come,
woman, you'd better be out of here. Go to your belongings. Bendel. How dare you
speak that ...