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The staff is able to give ski instructions to anyone, regardless of degree of
disability, largely because of two ingenious techniques—sit-skiing (kayak-like
fiberglass shell on a runner) and mono-skiing (chair mounted on large sled). With
equipment especially adapted to their ... More than a thousand disabled persons
have enjoyed trips sponsored by the Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped
Outdoor Group (C.W. HOG) of Idaho, founded by Tom Whittaker. During the
1970s, Tom led ...

A Wilder Image Bright

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The same summer that Gifford and Hubbard journeyed to Mount Mansf1eld, the
painter Jerome Thompson found his way there as well, and produced a genre
tableau of attractive and well-dressed men and women enjoying an idle
afternoon in the spectacular landscape that surrounded them. ... Only the man in
white britches and his faithful dog are in a position to see the hotel, which would
begin the process of civilizing yet another once remote section of the American

The Boundary Waters Journal

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Most local folks struggle to free up a block of time for wilderness tripping just like
anyone else. That's why we feel so fortunate to publish a magazine which gives
our family such a unique opportunity to enjoy so much paddling, camping,
fishingérlpunting and dogsledding in the Quetico! Superior. As loyal readers, you
ow how precious it ... Anything that can't deliver these indelible wilder ness
experiences is simrlily not acceptable to us. We wouldn't even thini of selling you
anything ess ...


Author: Jordan Simon
Publisher: Fodor's
ISBN: 9780679028178
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The Official Travel and Souvenir Guide to America's Music Show Capital Jordan
Simon. replica of the Greek ... Anyone who loves quilts will enjoy the more than
200 antique coverlets displayed. Continue 100 miles ... through this pristine
wilderness. Drive another hour and you'll reach Mansfield, hometown of Laura
Ingalls Wilder, author of the beloved Little House on the Prairie series. Her
residence has been transformed into the Wilder Home and Museum (Road A, tel.
417/924-3626 ...

Wonderful West Virginia

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Anyone who has enjoyed the beauty of the New, or would like to, should order
this book. Thurmond and Ghost Towns of the New River Gorge by ... West
Virginia: A Guide to Backcountry Travel & Adventure presents these outdoor
opportunities in a concise, easy-to-use format and serves as a guidebook to the
state's wilder regions. To kayak some of the nation's wildest ... Most orders
The Court Street Gallery.

Congressional Record

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prepare, for increasing thousands of our citizens to enjoy this environment. What
is the forest preserve? It is one ... I cannot accept that kind of criticism of one of
the finest wilderness areas in the Nation and of the finest men this department
ever had, who have guarded it, and protected it, down to this day. What is the
forest preserve? ... else in the Western Hemisphere. These qualities provide that
something, which makes the forest preserve one of the great natural wonders of

Buyer S Guide

Author: William White
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His duties took him into the U.S., British, French, and Russian compounds, where
he mingled freely with the battlefield prisoners. ... Raymond L Puffer, U.S. Air
Force History Prog., Edwards AFB Johnson, Katharine with John F. Rasche. ... life
following the bombardment, Johnson's contribution was an unpublished work of
historical fiction built around people associated with a school like Hiroshima
Jogakuin just before August 6, 1945, reminiscent of Thornton Wilder' s The
Bridge of San ...

Montana Outdoors

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The trapping and transplanting made possible the introduction of wild turkeys into
26 additional areas in Montana, many of which enjoy thriving turkey populations
today. Bill went above and ... In his positions with th: U.S. Forest Service and
Bureau of Indian Affairs in Montana, Washington and Washington, D.C., he was #
1 important as anyone in influencing pub. lic opinion and forest policy towari
preservation of the wildlands remaining in the United States in the 1930s. His
energy in ...

South American Explorer

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Good to see that there is a new edition of Through the Brazilian Wilderness. I
have a first edition of that. You might also list My Best Chance to Be a Boy:
Theodore Roosevelt's South American Expedition of 1913-1914, by Joseph R.
Ornig, Stackpole Books, 1994. Other good recent books on Amazonia that you ...
Rio de Janeiro and New York (split residence). I am curious if anyone had
traveled to any of the Eco-tourist hotels located in Regiao Serrano (near Petroplis
and Teresopolis).