Why We March

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This inspiring collection features 500 of the most eloquent, provocative, uplifting, clever, and creative signs from across the United States and around the world. Each is a powerful reminder of why we march.

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ตีแผ่ชั้นเชิงการเจรจาธุรกิจ วิธีบริหารงาน เงิน การลงทุน และการใช้ชีวิตอันชาญฉลาด ...

The Literary Digest

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The Voice (Pro.), Mew York, March 12.-It is proposed in the Nebraska Legislature
to prohibit the use of mirrors, games, pictures, tables and chairs in saloons of that
State. By all means. Everybody knows what a soul-contaminating thing a mirror is
. A picture is .... To emphasize this protest we would add that one of the ladies
indorsing it, whose relatives and friends have contributed a number of beautiful
pictures to the exhibition, writes: “I am very glad to sign this paper. I only hope it
may ...

Peace News For Nonviolent Revolution

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There were songsheets and balloons and two large banners at the head of the
march (Women's Voice had prepared some placards and compromised with
other women Mark Anderson reports: On February 24 and 25 the United Nations
... people and to show that we are serious. all such collaboration (which includes
trade, supply of equipment and transfer of technology) and condemned those
countries which continued these practices in the vain hope that South Africa
would sign the ...

The Cambridge Review

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Sunday, March 5. Sermon at Great St. Mary's by the Rev. J. LI. Davies, M.A.,
Trinity College. " Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now perfected in the flesh?"
— Galatians iii. 3. Many of the laments which are to be heard from those who
mourn over the signs of the times, and many of the voices of triumph proceeding
from those who are glad to break with the past, have this for their common burden
, — that the fleshly supports of our Christianity are failing us. Our inherited
institutions cease ...

Reflections On My First Noel

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The day before Christmas 1983, my first morning on the job there, I rushed out
with a camera crew to cover my first story: Santa Claus' and Bob Hope's visit to
the Marines guarding Beirut International Airport. But on our way we came across
a delegation of about fifty women carrying signs in Arabic I could not read,
apparently lamenting as they proceeded in the street. I asked my driver, Fahd
Anan, what their protest was about. He said quietly, "These are wives, mother,
aunts, ...

Ms Magazine

Author: Gloria Steinem
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Hope, because despite the unofficial and asymmetrical war being waged
between their two peoples, these women have made a decision to come to this
annual celebration of coexistence and peace. ... We will not let racism triumph.
The evening ends, and women who have known one another for five, ten years,
maybe longer, say good night and head for home. Perhaps because they have
had the opportunity to express their concerns freely, the ... 32 • FEBRUARY /
MARCH 2001 Ms.

The Design Of Dissent Expanded Edition

Author: Milton Glaser
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This edition includes the original Foreword by Tony Kushner as well as Steven Heller's interview of Milton Glaser entitled, "Dissenting Conditions.""--provided by Amazon.com.

Spare Rib

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OFFICIAL & UNOFFICIAL- Women in the Union Dont just celebrate PROTEST
Admen & Eve PLASTIC BULLETS KILL YET AGAIN Marching in ... Sisters
Against Disablement made an impressive intervention, Kirsten Hearn told us: "
The fact that we've got this thing attached to us, as "disabled people", is hiding
the fact that it isn't us that's at fault, it's society and you lot in it. ... the country, local
groups had formed to mobilise for a march ; there was both the support and the
demand for it.


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Police roadblocks and the long route did not stop more and more people from
joining the march as it moved closer to the rally. The voices of protest became
louder as people shouted: 'No Peace, No Justice', 'UK and US out of the Middle
East', and 'Down with imperialism!... What do we want? Peoples Power, when do
we want it? Now !'. Women from the 'Global strike for women started the slogan: '
Women of Palestine' we are with you '. Marchers dressed in orange representing
the ...