Whiskey Words A Shovel Iii

Author: r.h. Sin
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449486894
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At roughly 300 pages, this culminating volume will be his lengthiest yet.

Whiskey Words A Shovel Ii

Author: r.h. Sin
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449480934
Size: 15.50 MB
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R.H. Sin’s second volume continues the passion and vigor of his previous publication.

Slang And Its Analogues Past And Present Ice To Hyps

Author: John Stephen Farmer
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One is bound to speak the truth as far as one knows it, whether one mounts a cap
and bells or a shovel -hat. 2. (theatrical). ... I'll pick out my runts there; and for my
mountains, I'll mount— [So in original, but the play on words is clear], 1629.
Jonson ... Scotch whiskey. [From the set ret hill-side stills]. For synonyms see
Drinks and Old man's milk. 1821. Edinburgh Evening Cou- rant, 22 Jan. Bread,
cheese, and mountain-dew were liberally provided. 1841. Lever, Charles O'
Malley, xxviii.

Official Gazette Of The United States Patent Office

Author: United States. Patent Office
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Shovels and SPADES.-Zonn Dunn, New York, N. Y. Application filed February 12
, 1886. Used since September, 1882. " The word ' Richibucto.' " 13.260. —
Shovklb and SrADES.— John Dunn, New York, N. Y. Application filed March 2,
1886. ... "The words ' Gilt Edge.' " 13.266. — Toboggans.—/, if. McLaren, Jr.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Application filed February 18, 1886. Used since
January, 1884. " The word ' STAB.' " 13.267. — Canned Oysters, Fruits, and Vec.

I Ll Never Leave You

Author: Nancy A. Prieston
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 147712909X
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My longings for her mother, the sight of Anna wearing the lipstick, with the
realization of her being a woman, just like her mother—all that, with the mixture of
this whiskey, was enough to set me on another path of destruction. " "Anna doesn
't deserve this, " I said. ”As long as she is with me, you have my word, I shall
honor Anna until the day we are married. ... Pulling a tablespoon out of my back
pocket—I used it as a shovel—to plant bright sunny yellow mums infront ofthe

Official Gazette Of The United States Patent Office

Author: United States. Patent Office
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GOLD TOP Essential fculum—The words “Gonn Tor.” ' Used since February 20,
1895. 3 1,3 84. BEER ERNST Tosn'm BREWlNG COMPANY, Chicago, IlL Filed
Jan 29, 1898. Emcntial feature—The representation of a barrel, a shovel, and
spread wings partly surrounded with an open wreath of flowering hop—vine and
heads of barley, the shovel being arranged crosswise of the barrel and the wings
spreading from the handle end of the shovel. Used since August, 1896. a 3 1 , 8 8
5 .

The Robin Hood Of El Dorado

Author: Walter Noble Burns
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 0826352162
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Picturesque names they are;—crude poetry shot through with the romance of wild
times; crusted with raw gold dust and baptized in blood and thunder; washed out
of a swirling 19 mountain stream with a rocker in some purple gorge or pried from
the crevices of gray rocks with a jackknife; full-length novels and dramas in two
words. But when the age of culture dawned and pick and shovel miners put on
boiled shirts and blacked their shoes and took a bath every Saturday night, ...

From The Margin

Author: Anthony Julian Tamburri
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 9781557531520
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Such mal de mer could clear out puckings & suckings & drippings from
gangrenous sores as mucus from pipelines & eros from scores of our dearly
departed ejected from 7-11 family stores: the 60's my friend, come home to score
as the sink's faucet next to my bedroom dribbles dark fragrances well measured
out with more patience than most coffeespoons) & poor mr. eliot your proofrocks,
your wastelands converted to whiskey rebellions & scabrous slums eradicated in
search of new ...