Foreign Policy Priorities In The President S Fy10 International Affairs Budget

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I think that it hasn't been on the front of people's political agenda the way it's
needed to be, but I think it's now much more prominent than it was. And we're
going to take advantage of that, and we're going to work-with our friends and our
a lies. And the reason, of course, that—I mean, we think energy security is a
classical security issue, particularly for the Europeans, visa-vis Russia and some
of the actions we saw in the last year. We think it's a part of the answer to climate
change, ...

Congressional Record

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There is also hope this will open the international agenda for other urgent matters
and for the release of enormous resources, now committed to war, toward other
objectives. Many hope that the global environment will be the new Dominant
Issue. They assert ... In the case of global warming, the fact that some of the worst
effects will not fully manifest themselves until the middle of the next century is
offset by the fact that actions we take now will determine the extent of the damage