Weird But True Human Body

Author: National Geographic Kids
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Interesting and little known facts about the human body intended for kids. --

Anatomy Of The Movies

Author: David Pirie
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Humphrey Bogart ( left) as Dashiell Hammett' s gumshoe Sam Spade in the John
Huston version of The Maltese Falcon. ... But the films were merely the tip of an
iceberg: 300 gangster movies are estimated to have been made between 1929
and 1934. ... The most disturbing and unusual of all the gangster thrillers from this
period is Corsair (1931) . ... And by 1934, the awesome censoring power of the
Hays Office was ensuring that there would be few true thrillers made through the
rest ...

The Cultivator Country Gentleman

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It. is nothing unusual to hear a farmer say that on one day his plants were free
from insects, or nearly so, while a week ... As a matter of fact, this is frequently
due to a failure to observe the insects in the first place, either in the stage in
which they then existed or on account of their small numbers; but it remains true,
nevertheless, that insects are often exceedingly prolific. .... on the anatomy and
physiology of insects, 35 pages; “ The Insect World,” with careful descriptions of
the thysanura, ...

Science News Letter

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The facts are interestingly presented, and the book is well illustrated. ... His
Government buys some $300,- 000,000 worth of supplies and equipment, from
thumb tacks to battleships, but instead of buying on the basis of advertisements in
four colors, and word pictures alluringly drawn by high-pressure salesmen,
Government agents test the goods in a cool and ... to a few What is it, then, that
distinguishes this age of amazing scientific progress from the slowly moving ages
of the past ?

The Athen Um

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Another has a form exactly like that of the body, and is the lifegiving warmth; it is
without sense, and takes flight into the ... 6,450l., travelling and field expenses,
770l., drawings and illustrations, 290l., specimens, 75l.; library, 300l.; office rent,
... but in addition to this the author has succeeded in producing a decidedly
interesting book, containing numerous ... This is not the place for any detailed
criticism of a technical work, but the section on insanity and the legal relations of
the insane is ...

The New York Times Book Review

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LI si Price 3.75 7.50 10.00 950 5.00 4.50 3.75 300 3.00 2.95 7.50 Only 6.00 7.50
3.00 5.00 5.00 3.75 4.00 3 50 5.75 ... Edited by Anatole Chujoy litre- is a
comprehensive handbook giving all the essential facts about ballet, ballroom, folk
, ... some of the most extraordinary people! whose lives have been recorded here
In fascinating detail Incredible but true! ... By Ludwlg Bern el mans Thel
fascinating sights, founds, smells, and the odd character*1 encountered In the
world's great hotels.

The Athenaeum

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Medical jurisprudence, though one of the many subjects in the curriculum of a
medical student, is often that in which he ... but in addition to this the author has
succeeded in producing a decidedly interesting book, containing numerous ...
This is not the place for any detailed criticism of a technical work, but the section
on insanity and the legal relations of the insane is .... are things of yesterday,
morphologically considered, as compared with any other of the great organs of
the body.

Saturday Review

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A magnificently and profusely illustrated volume that presents the ballet scene in
Moscow, all the orincipal dancers, the ... A fascinating record of the ever-
changing fashions and forms of feminine beauty from the Minoans to Marilyn
Monroe: the .... families and — almost — two canals; here is a fantasy beyond the
wildest fiction, yet every incredible bit of it is true. ... in fashioning beautiful, useful
things — over 500 examples from all over the country and from 300 years of

The Physics Of The Universe

Author: Sir James Hopwood Jeans
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In the first and second centuries A.D. science drops into four relatively permanent
and authoritative consolidations. In A.D. 77 Pliny pours a miscellany of facts,
presumed facts and ideas into his "Natural History" — that "immense ... Singer, in
"A Short History of Science", heads his chapter on the divorce of science and
philosophy, from 300 B.C. to A.D. 200, ... Nothing is too strange or incredible for
some philosopher to believe — so judged the young Descartes when he was at