War Against All Puerto Ricans

Author: Nelson A Denis
Publisher: Hachette UK
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Nelson A. Denis tells this powerful story through the controversial life of Pedro Albizu Campos, who served as the president of the Nationalist Party.

Author: Jared M. Diamond
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It began during the Spanish- American War in 1898, when U.S. soldiers landed in
Puerto Rico and quickly estalished total ... Without cause or warning, the colonial
police opened fire on the unarmed crowd, killing 20 people and wounding 200.
The Ponce Massacre, as it became known, would provide the inspiration for the
Jayuya Revolution of 1950, and for the ... were not prisoners of war, but were
instead, terrorist fanatics who were isolated from the will of the Puerto Rican

Progressive Labor

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The weak complaints of the colonial legislature, scornfully unheeded until then,
all of a sudden came to the attention ... The U.S. government had imposed a state
of famine on Puerto Rico as a deliberate act of imperialist terrorism, ... had
merged with the Confederacion de Trabajadores de America Latina (CTAL),
which was to count a membership of ... All these' forces will unite to prevent the
imperialists from smashing the revolution in Puerto Rico or waging a war of
famine against it.


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But we have been bombarded for years with "anti-terrorist" disinformation about
Puerto Rico — not just in the New York ... of unbroken resistance to U.S.
imperialism, and have contributed through the years to revolutionary theory and
practice. Yet progressive North Americans, often unaware of its colonial status,
have failed to give Puerto Rico's independence its ... As the U.S. war against
Central America intensifies, Puerto Rico is thrust even more into the center of
imperialist strategy.

Political Affairs

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One of the worst acts of repression of the United States against Puerto Rico is the
recruiting of cannon fodder, such as, ... The revolutionary Puerto Ricans are
taking steps which will guarantee a struggle of the people along a road which will
lead to ... Puerto Rico maintains its strategic and military function in the
Caribbean, in particular, and in Latin America in general. ... A resolution was
adopted which demanded the elucidation of the colonial case of Puerto Rico by
the United Nations ...

Terroristic Activity The Cuban Connection In Puerto Rico

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws
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The World Peace Council has denounced the violation of human rights and
demands the freedom of Latin America's oldest political ... First of all we again
express our gratitude for the hospitality and courtesy of the fraternal revolutionary
Cuban people and we ... cone countries, just as colonialism in Puerto Rico
with military, economic and political control — is, along with the colonial enclave
in ... We, as all the peoples in colonies, have exercised our historic right to a
liberation war.

Latin America 2000

Author: Malcolm B Russell
Publisher: Stryker Post Publications
ISBN: 9781887985277
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The 1700s up until the early 1800s were rather uneventful, and during Latin
American wars for independence, Puerto Rico remained ... Toward the middle of
the 1800s Puerto Rican social consciousness came slowly to life. In 1868 there
was a revolution against Spain, which was quickly snuffed out. ... Governor
Munoz-Marin claimed the constitutional process and plebiscite were an act of self
-determination of the Puerto Rican people, thus marking an end to American
colonial rule.

Puerto Rico Libre

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2 FALL 1985 Published quarterly by the Puerto Rico Solidarity Committee, P.O.
Box 319 Cooper Station, N.Y.C. 10003. ... From Nicaragua to Beirut, from South
Africa to Puerto Rico, the strivings of dependent and colonial peoples have been
... invented counter-revolutionary armies in Central America; allied itself openly
with South Africa against the region's Black ... of Star Wars nuclear terror; and
increased repression at home — particularly in its commando occupation of
Puerto Rico, ...

Puerto Rico A Colonial Experiment

Author: Raymond Carr
Publisher: Vintage
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have no intention of returning to die in Puerto Rico, these are the important
issues to which the status of Puerto Rico is at most ... It is in the great cities of
America that the Puerto Rican immigrant — and above all his children born in the
United ... capitalism" head on; hence "their extraordinary revolutionary potential"
that can carry "the revolutionary struggle into the ... against the French, they will
be the "battering ram" against walls of the empire at its weakest points.38 To the
terrorists of ...