Geology And Ore Deposits Of The Kern River Uranium Area California

Author: Edward Malcolm MacKevett
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URANIUM A primary purpose of this investigation was to appraise the uranium
resources of the Clay Hills area. As no uranium minerals or places with
abnormally high radioactivity were found in the area, any appraisal of the
uranium resources must be based on the habits of uranium deposits in similar
geologic settings. Uranium deposits on the Colorado Plateau have a wide strati-
graphic range, but significant uranium deposits have been found only in a few
stratigraphic zones.

Geology And Ore Deposits Of The Bokan Mountain Uranium Thorium Area Southeastern Alaska

Author: Edward Malcolm MacKevett
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Postglacial rises in sea level inundated many of the valleys and produced the
fiordlike embayments. Glacial striae are abundant on many of the rocky summit
areas, and their distribution and trends indicate that the latest glacier movements
were from the northwest. ECONOMIC GEOLOGY Uranium ore mined from the
Ross- Adams deposit during 1957 was the only uranium production recorded
from Alaska as of March 1959. Besides uranium, other commodities that have
intermittently ...

Uranium Past And Future Challenges

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There are many low grade uranium ore deposits identified in different states of
India. Mining and ore processing operations have been undertaken at several
locations in the eastern province of Jharkhand since the past several decades.
Mining and processing of ore also commenced recently at a site in the southern
state of Andhra Pradesh. Other deposits are in different stages of exploration and
development. Monitoring for natural radiation and radon has been an integral
part of the ...

Geology Of The Garo Uranium Vanadium Copper Deposit Park County Colorado

Author: Verl R. Wilmarth
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Deposits of uranium and vanadium ores were mined on a small scale in part of
the Green River district in 1904 (Boutwell, 1905). These deposits were in the Salt
Wash member of the McElmo formation, now termed Morrison formation, about
15 miles southwest of the town of Green River and contained carnotite in
association with carbonized vegetable matter and silicified logs. Similar but less
well developed deposits were also known in 1904 in the Salt Wash member on
Little Wild ...

Mine Wastes

Author: Bernd Lottermoser
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Uranium. Ores. 6.1 Introduction Uranium ores have the specific issue of
radioactivity, and uranium mine wastes are invariably radioactive. This property
differentiates uranium mine wastes from other mine waste types. For example,
gold mine tailings contain cyanide, and the cyanide can be destroyed using
natural, naturally enhanced or ... Uraninite (UO2+x) is the most common reduced
U4+ mineral species, and it is the main ore mineral in many uranium deposits (
Burns 1999).

Atlas Of Economic Mineral Deposits

Author: Colin J. Dixon
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This is the largest of the uranium ore fields on the Colorado Plateau. It is typical of
so-called “sandstone type deposits that occur widely in the Plateau at several
stratigraphic levels in Mesozoic sediments, as well as in several adjoining
sedimentary basins. Location The deposits lie on the flanks of the Ambrosia Lake
Dome situated at latitude 35° 26' N, longitude Io'7° 52' W. and at an altitude of
2400 m in McKinley County, New Mexico. Geographical Setting Ambrosia Lake is
in the ...

Understanding Mineral Deposits

Author: Kula Misra
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suite of heavy minerals (Ti-oxides, chromite, zircon, uranium minerals, gold, base
metal sulfides, sulfarsenides, PGE minerals, etc.). The average PGE content of all
the Witwatersrand goldfields is less than 12 ppb and the silver content of the gold
ranges from about 5% to 16% (Pretorius 1976b). The sandstone-type deposits
lack the heavy mineral suite characteristic of conglomerate-type deposits, but
contain variable amounts of pyrite/marcasite. The iron sulfide may be of multiple ...