Woman Without A Shadow

Author: Karen Haber
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She pulled off the wig and stuffed it into her sack. There! Much better. That was
Katie, the navigator of the Falstaff. The woman without a past, without a shadow.
Out on the street she swung along, light on her feet, relieved to be done with her
secret mission. Even the thought of her missing mindstones couldn't bring down
her spirits. Perhaps she would try out the null-g rink, she thought. A dozen people
were already on the rink, floating and tumbling over one another, laughing giddily

Writing The Image After Roland Barthes

Author: Jean-Michel Rabate
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
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The. Woman. I. Without. a. Shadow. Diana. Knight. In the photo section of Roland
Barthes by Roland Barthes, Barthes reproduces a nineteenth-century IOU note
from his paternal grandfather to his great-great-uncle. In the comment he places
beneath this, Barthes contrasts the traditional function of writing as the guarantee
of a debt, contract, or representation with its more recent departure toward "text"
and "perversion." On the opposite page stands a representation of the "family ...

Women In Modern Drama

Author: Gail Finney
Publisher: Cornell University Press
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7 Humanism and Patriarchy: Hofmannsthal's Woman without a Shadow On the
surface, few plays could be further removed from the realistic, drawing-room
sphere of Hedda Gabler than Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Die Frau ohne Schatten (
The Woman without a Shadow, 1919). The fourth of six librettos by Hugo von Hof-
mannsthal which Richard Strauss set to music, the text is a fairy tale, taking us
into the world of magic and make-believe. Indebted to sources ranging from the
Arabian ...

Gender Studies

Author: Judith Spector
Publisher: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879723521
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16See Roland Barthes, The Pleasures of the Text, trans. Richard Miller (New
York, 1975), p. 32: "There are those who want a text (an art, a painting) without a
shadow, without the 'dominant ideology'; but this is to want a text without
fecundity, without productivity, a sterile text (see the myth of the Woman without a
Shadow)." Barthes' next book, A Lover's Discourse, makes the connection explicit
by moving directly from the eroticism of texts to the eroticism of bodies. "Claude
Levi-Strauss ...

Selected Writings 1927 1934

Author: Walter Benjamin
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674017467
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Nowhere are we confronted more urgently by the question of what really drives
the forger; but there can be no doubt that the great masterpieces of the past filled
him with that very drive. This is why "translation" is such an inadequate term to
describe his treatment of Oedipus, Electra, Venice Preserved, Everyman, Life Is a
Dream, and so much else.2 He used these works much as he used Goethe's
Novelle or the fairy tale of the woman without a shadow, which is anything but a ...

The Cambridge History Of Latin American Women S Literature

Author: Ileana Rodríguez
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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The feminine, then, is defined by males (in its two meanings linked by the two
languages). It is known from Judith Butler that gender is a set of behavior rules
that the body must assimilate. The poem also seems to contain two voices: the
first, which informs us in an almost scientific way that many males/evils exist,
including stress, strass, Strauss, y struss. And the second, the damaging/libelous
voice that speaks of the drunken sow. On one hand, a woman without a shadow
appears that ...