The Witches Almanac

Author: Theitic
Publisher: Witches Almanac Incorporated
ISBN: 9780982432372
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Offers information on current aspects of witchcraft, including astrological predictions, a moon calendar, weather forecasts, and an essay on river dolphins.

The Witches Almanac Issue 32

Author: Andrew Theitic
Publisher: The Witches’ Almanac
ISBN: 0982432348
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after the New Moon on July 8. Favorable Mercury and Sun aspects enhance the
first three weeks of August. Communication with children as well as hobbies,
sports, and creative projects blossom. August 28 — October 15 finds Mars, your
celestial ruler, in your fellow fire sign of Leo in harmony with Uranus. This is a
very progressive pattern. Your workload is eased by new technologies and
inventions. A competitive spirit encourages you to be progressive and to
experiment. Since your ...

Witches Almanac 2000 2001

Author: Elizabeth Pepper
Publisher: Witches Almanac
ISBN: 9781881098102
Size: 76.16 MB
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The Complete Guide to Lunar Harmony Elizabeth Pepper, John Wilcock ... Ultima
Thule 5 Memento Mori 6 Moon Gardening 7 Today and Tomorrow 8 Orion 12 The
Twelve Hunstmen 14 Exploring the Canaries 17 Year of the Dragon 20 The
Moon Calendar 21 The Wise Fool 22 The Hawthorn Tree 24 The Travelers and
the Bear 26 The Evil Eye 28 On Mount Olympus 30 The Amazons 32 Kitchen
Magic 34 A Welsh Witch 36 High John de Conquer 38 Rue, Herb of Grace 40
OwlLight 42 ...

Library Journal

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WHEREABOUTS PRESS Lesbian Travels A Literary Companion Lucy Jane
Bledsoe, editor $14.95 1-883513-07-3 PB September • Travel/Lesbian Literature
THE WITCHES' ALMANAC LTD. The Witches' Almanac (Spring 1999 to Spring
2000) The Complete Guide to Lunar Harmony Elizabeth Pepper and John
Wilcock, editors $7.95 1-881098-08-7 Saddlestitched January • Occultism &
Parapsychology/Spiritualism ZOLAND BOOKS Camelot Caryl Rivers $24.00 0-
944072-96$ HC ...

Factsheet Five

Author: Mike Gunderloy
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Each issue is packed with informative and inspirational articles from a variety of
authors, from new writers to professionals like Diana Paxson and Carol Christ.
Regular columns, a community ... to Lunar Harmony Spring '98. Similar in format
to the Farmers' Almanac, The Witches Almanac is a lunar and seasonal calendar
full of eclectic magical lore, astrological forecasts, excerpts of folktales and
legends, and basically whatever the editors decide to stir into their cauldron from
year to ...

Llewellyn S 2012 Magical Almanac

Author: Blake Octavian Blair
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738732117
Size: 61.99 MB
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The goal here is apparent: water from the sky, and the time of action is the New
Moon. ... Group members could easily memorize this chant for quick repetition,
especially if the chant leader is familiar with it and can serve as a guide. ... with
any magical art, crafting your words carefully can add extra personal energy to
your work. When in doubt, try it out. Practice your chant. Repeat it over and over
while tapping out the rhythm. You'll be able to feel it. Chants that have good
rhyme and. 32.