The Works Of J S D D D S P D In Six Volumes

Author: Jonathan Swift
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Being, it seems more deep learned than his Fellows, he was resolved to begin
his Answer with a Latin Verse, as well as other Folks: His Business was to look
out for something against an Examiner that would pretend to tax Accounts; and
turning ... I HERE declare once for all, that if these People will not be quiet, I shall
take their Bread out of their Mouths, and answer the Examiner my self; which I
protest I have never yet done, although I have been often charged with it; neither
have ...

The Nautical Magazine

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Self-Examiner for Masters and Mates. 9/6 (per post 10/2). General Science. ...
completely revised 60/- (per post 5 1 ,'9 1 Shipmaster's Business Companion. By
W C. Aubrey- Rees. 30/- (per post 31 6» ... LONDON NEWCASTLE Pearse,
Richard D. 2 M. Cattle, Arthur P. 2 M Buckham, Joseph T. 2 M. Perkin, Joel C. 2 M
. Hines, Joseph S. 2M Gill, John R. 1 M. Smith, Malcolm F. J. 2 M. Merriman, John
F. 2 M Hodgkinson, Ralph D. 2 M. White, Herbert C. 2M. LEITH HULL

The United Service Journal

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examination of the first class of students at this institution took place on Friday,
the 12th of December, before the Honourable the Chairman, the Deputy
Chairman, and a deputation of Directors of the East India Company. After the
usual review, in which the company of Cadets acquitted themselves in a very
soldier-like manner, and looked extremely well under arms, the examination
commenced irt the ...

The Examiner

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"At this-nosiqtsnoe the fanatic oficer scede to lose all self-,control,,snd_tc
bedstermipqd on conquering at any risk; but he soon found himself critically
circumstanced, for, although a body of gendarmcs; F rauco-'Belgian soldiers, and
officers .... at Lord Palmerston's on Monday afternoon, prior to the meeting of the
House”The business of Tuesday was confined-to a brief debate on forces in'India
, Mr Horsman be the progress of business by s subject of Fortifications, down by

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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The vlclousness of the unialr labor practices committed here by the company
demanded immediate and effective correction through the Board's processes, not
excuses by the regional director. Squally unconvincing is Kammholz' attempt to
defend issuance of the complaint against the union on the theory that by using
force against the property of the company and the person of the captain, it
allegedly Interfered with the self-organizational rights of the employees. As the
trial examiner ...

The Business Of A Woman

Author: Ruth Herman
Publisher: University of Delaware Press
ISBN: 9780874137927
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Manley started this task in New Atalantis, in which she had concentrated on
branding Marlborough, as a political representative of the war party, with the traits
of disloyalty and self-interest. ... Hundreds of contemporary pamphlets testify to
this, ranging in quality from Swift"s comparison of Marlborough to Cras- sus in
Examiner number 28 to other less well-known efforts.71 Even his unassailable
record as a military genius is undermined, as Ethelinda is made to ask
ingenuously, "Then it ...


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He was a sensible gallant, officer, and the last man in the world that would
commit self-murder. In answer to questions ... In contrast with the good news is a
traveller's report in a Hull aper:—“I have travelled to Hull for orders for forty years
in the way of business, and never within that period of time have witnessed such
a deadness of trade. The oldest of my ... 83 but the supply being so very short the
larger dealers hold Bank S. --- 1844 Iliexican 5 per Ct. New 294 back. No
alteration in ...

Author: Patricia Daniels Cornwell
Publisher: Nanmeebooks
ISBN: 9789747093605
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ฆาตกรรมต่อเนื่องเกิดขึ้นในไอร์แลนด์ ศพถูกตัดแขนตัดขาและตัดคอ เหลือเพียงลำตัว ...

The Aeroplane Directory Of British Aviation

Author: Theodore Stanhope Sprigg
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Publications: Co-author of "Self Examiner for Air Navigators." "A Short History of
Navigation. ... India and Burma, 1939, Regional Director. West Africa, 1942. and
Deputy Assistant Director- General (Commercial). ... A.O.C.. No. 21 Group. Flying
Training Command, 1950-51: Head of Air Force Staff. British Joint Services
Mission, 1951. Add.: Air Ministry, Whitehall, London. S.W.I. BREARLEY, Group
Captain Norman D.S.O.. M.C, A.F.C.. F.R.Ae.S.. R.A.F. Cretd.}. Company Director.
b.: Dec.