The Sewing Machine Man

Author: Alan Bamber
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781545356227
Size: 77.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Since those early days Alan has met many 'sewing machine people' and this book of his short stories shares some of those experiences with you.

The Invention Of The Sewing Machine

Author: Grace Cooper
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548793128
Size: 68.15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Since the sewing machine has been considered by some as one of the most important inventions of 19th-century America, of equal importance to this story of the invention is the history of the sewing machine's development into a practical, ...

The Sewing Machine

Author: Natalie Fergie
ISBN: 9781911586043
Size: 52.37 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Decades later, in Edinburgh, Connie sews coded moments of her life into a notebook, as her mother did before her. More than 100 years after his grandmother's sewing machine was made, Fred discovers a treasure trove of documents.

The Sewing Machine Classroom

Author: Charlene Phillips
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 1440216029
Size: 44.51 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 907
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Make the Most of Your Sewing Machine! Join author Charlene Phillips as you learn all about your new best friend—your sewing machine!

The Sewing Machine Master Guide

Author: Clifford L. Blodget
ISBN: 9780990022725
Size: 29.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A comprehensive easy to navigate efficient sewing machine guide and reference book for beginners and experts.

The Australian Journal

Size: 63.55 MB
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THE SEWING-MACHINE MAN. " There ! " said Mrs. Hall, as the sewing machine
came down with a thump and stopped; "I've broken my needle. Do go and get me
one, Carrie, and hurry back." " Well," said the young girl addressed, " I will
consent to make myself useful to that extent for once; " and putting on her hat she
made her way to the machine agency. The proprietor came forward to meet her,
and, after exchanging the courtesies of the day, he said, "Miss Moffat, won't you
come ...

The Atlantic Monthly

Size: 23.82 MB
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man never is, but always to be, blest. lf with one part of his brain he inven's a
labor-saving apparatus, the o:h r lobes immediately create as much rew abor as
the apparatus saves. But it is this chase of Desire after Ability which keeps the
world moving, and tends always to equalize the lot of men. The sewing-machine
is one of the means by which the industrious laborer is as well clad as any
millionnaire need be, and by which working-girls are enabled safely to gratify,
their woman's ...