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A Work of Universal Reference in All Departments of Knowledge, with a New
Atlas of the World William Dwight Whitney, Benjamin Eli Smith. Bowley Poems,
The. A collection ... Born at Little Bariord, Bedfordshire, England, 1674 : died Dec.
6 1718. An English dramatist .... A Britisll linc-oi-battle ship of 100 guns and 2,175
tons register. she served in the Channel fleet 1703-05, and was the fiag-ship of
Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Colllngwood at Trafalgar, Oct. 21, 180.'-. 2. A llritishlino-of-
battle ...

The Century Cyclopedia Of Names

Author: Benjamin Eli Smith
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Born at Little Bsi-ford, Bedfordshire, England, 1674: died Dec. 6 1718. An English
dramatist and poet, appointed poet ... Four of his dramasare extant: “ A New Woni
er: A Woman never Vext " 1%), “A Match at Midnight" 1638 , “All 's Lost by Lust (
1883), and “A Shoemaker a ent eman" (1638 . He also collaborated with
Middleton, Dekker, Ford, ... The avowed object oi the clubwss the reprinting oi
rare pieces oi ancient literature. . . . It still exists, and, with the Dilettanti Society,
may be suid ...

The Century Dictionary The Century Cyclopedia Ofnames Ed By Benjamin E Smith V 12 Atlas

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It lay far away in the regions of the northeast, the entrance, as it was supposed, to
the lower world, and it was sometimes £ with the mountain of Nizir, the modern
Rowandiz, on whose summit the ark of the Chaldean Noah was believed to have
rested. Sayce, Anc. Monuments, pp. 173–178. Rowandiz. Atown in Asiatic Turkey
, situated on a tributary of the Greater Zab, 83 miles eastnortheast of Mosul. •
Rowe (rö), Nicholas. Born at Little Barford, Bedfordshire, England, 1674; died

British Books

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1042 Army List. 1805 Milton's Paradise Lost. 1674 Noble, W., 84 Booksellers'
Row, W.C. , Ireland's Life of Napoleon, 4 vols. ... V. 2,10 Bentley's Classical
Works, 3 vols. Odd ; vol. in Prize Binding with Arms on side .... 1898 Roberts, W. 8
., 10 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, W.C. Illustrated Books relating to Ireland,
especially Irish Wit and Humour Cambrian Register Cambro-Briton Cambrian
Quarterly Magazine Archseologia Cambrensis. Odd v. or pts. Old Welsh Books
Robinson, 3., ...