The Ladies World

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Single Tullp, early, rich and beautiful. ... The fruits are all ripe, and the laden trees
groan 'Neath the weight that is bending them down to the earth; The corn is all
gathered, the wheat is all sown, And now comes the season of pleasure and
mirth; And the breeze dances out on the rivulet's tide, Th: as it murmurs, “The
roses have ied.” The grass is all seared, ... the young countryman who, sitting by
the side of his best girl in a hammock, was enjoying the beauties of a summer
twilight hour.

The Wisconsin Farmer

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BY n. n. DIXON, or XUSCATINE, IOWA, is PATENT OFFICE usroar son 1856. ... It'
out too early, the seed will not perfect, and if too late, it will shell out in curing ; the
stalks will also be too woody. ... come up. P. -——-M__ Own CLIIATE.—-“ Here let
us say a word in favor of those vicissitudes of our climate which are too often
made the subject of exclusive repinin . If they annoy us occasionally by changes
rom hot to cold, from wet to dry, they give us one of the most beautiful climates in

The American Agriculturist

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My Lady Heart's-ease, so they throng, rom youth to age apace, Thy lovers,—thou
their theme of song; All love thy mystic grace. The Family Flag. RENDALL
PERRY. ... Out they flashed from one rustic porch and another; on one, dozens of
tiny flags, one above another (briar stitch style) and surmounted by two larger
ones. Then in majestic splendor the house ... And that is how we came to
possess a nice if not beautiful specimen of Old Glory ourselves. We made it, and
it is ready for all ...

Speaking Of Silents

Author: William M. Drew
Publisher: Natl Book Network
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This summer, Fox's top box-office draw, Madge Bellamy, is filming Very
Confidential for fall release. A perfect ... In spite of some narrow escapes, she is
daring as she successfully carries out the masquerade by piloting a speedboat
and driving a racing car over mountainous roads in a women's competition. Also
working on a ... In the new picture, Figures Don't Lie, a romantic comedy about
the working woman, the radiant Esther is cast as a secretary caught in the
dilemma of office life.

Author: Robert Galbraith
Publisher: Nanmeebooks
ISBN: 6160418394
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นางแบบเจ้าปัญหาคนหนึ่งตกจากระเบียงลงมาเสียชีวิตเกิดข้อสรุปว่าเธอฆ่าตัวตาย ...

Farmer And Mechanic

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... For light, and air, and sounds that play In mingling dance around,—above ; The
radiance of the early day, The presence of its soul of love. And when tlte
summer's breast receives to soft repose, Spring's virgin form ; What sweetness
Nature round her breathes ; Morn's light, or evening's rainbow storm I The fields
with beauty then are white ; The ripening corn waves in the breeze; And
landward, in the stilly night, Come the cool winds that fan the seas. The Autumn
with its golden crown ...

American Magazine

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Bittersweet. With gorgeous red berries against foliage that is green all year round
, this vine heautifiee the home with in thick shade in the summer, and with
glowing fruit and bright leaves when other vines are bare. .... If you come out right
, you just pick up the money and walk off.” “No! Say! That's slick, hain't it. Wisht
you'd come along when we try, Miss O'Toole. Somehow, I'd feel easier in my
mind if you was along. . . . Sec 'ou early in the mornin'. Got to it to ed now. Always
aim to be in ...

Variety Film Reviews

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He's to come the next night with the ring, as she tells the girls who take her along
on a rough party (she's always refused before) when he falls to show up. And
why did ... He'd sent a note around, explaining his real fiancee had arrived from
Europe and he was busy explaining to her; but Mary hadn't got the note and so
only another girl's Interference by fetching Philip helped matters out. ... THE
BEAUTIFUL LIAR Helen Hayes 1 Klsle Parmelee J " ' Bobby Bates Kaiherlne
MacDonald .


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FLORA KIWANiS OF FIORA Clen Valbert, Secretary (Continued /rom page 73)
since Claxton first started with the RAS. Even tho there is a wide difference in
price — $1 for the Baker show; 60 cents for the Claxton unit — the latter probably
will come out in the No. 1 money-earning spot, judging by ... This is mirrored in
the gorgeous, striking costumes, in the caliber of acts supporting Bonnie, the size
of the chorus, and the production effort put into the show. Unlike the feature gal
revue on ...