The One Percent Solution

Author: Gordon Lafer
Publisher: ILR Press
ISBN: 9781501703065
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Deunionizing the private sector -- Taking aim at the 88% : remaking the non-union economy -- The destruction of public schooling -- Silencing labor's voice : the campaign to remove unions from politics

The Job Training Charade

Author: Gordon Lafer
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801489518
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Even more dramatically, the book shows how politicians have ignored repeated reports of the program's failure, and have kept funding a policy they know cannot work.

National Journal

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Were Washington to honestly face this pickle, admittedly a tall order for a town
thai trades on 24/7 spin and has the attention span of a gerbil on amphetamines,
the best solution would be a comprehensive overhaul of the tax code. As things
stand, today's patches-and-duct-tape system is defended by — no one. Consider
this: There are so many carve-outs in the code that 47 percent of U.S. households
pay no income tax. And yet this levy was intended to be the broad-based source
of ...

The Michigan Journal

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The city will allocate $250,000 a year for the effort, which will be spent on police
overtime, training, a hazardous materials vehicle and other equipment. They will
also be responsible for intelligence gathering and will coordinate with state and
federal $355.20. A student taking 12 credits one semester would pay $4262.40,
almost double what students pay now for only One Semester. The $18 million
dollar hike is said to be used to hire in 50 full-time faculty, expand teacher
education, ...

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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It must also be remembered that the pioneers whose sweat, both black and white
who built America didn't have high school diplomas and college degrees. The
innate ability to meet the challenges of life are still present if the change to
participate presents itself. This goes to say it must be without the walls of color
prejudice, greed and selfish interests. The business barons and corporate
interests know they have the answer. It has been advanced cautiously. No one
wants to pioneer an ...


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When President Lucassen appeared before the House Public Works and
Transportation Committee to urge them to support the Anti-Recession
Infrastructure Jobs Act, he knew that one out of every eight of the jobless is a laid-
off construction worker. But he also knew the American people, as well as UBC
members and other construction workers, are on his side. A Wall Street Journal/
NBC poll shows that 70 percent favor increasing federal spending on
infrastructure to bring about a ...

New York

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The Phvate Lite of Sherlock Holmes; The Seven-percent Solution. ... 5/20,
Modern Times; The Kid. Olympia. Bdway at 107th (865-8128). Thru 5/10, Richard
Pryor in filmed concert; Thank God Its Friday. From 5/11, Dawn of the Dead. The
Movies An Almost Perfect Affair-Keith Carradine, in a callow performance as a
callow young American filmmaker, goes to Cannes with his ... Franco Zeffirelli,
fervently embraces cliches that one thought had been laughed out of movies 25
years ago.