Mable S Place

Author: Jon Bever
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Clay took off early for lunch, stopped at the florist to buy his beautiful wife some
flowers, and continued home to surprise her. Clay was the one who got the
surprise. There was his wife in bed with another man while the kids were in
school. Clay flew into a rage and literally beat the snot out of him. The next day,
the police showed up at work and hauled Clay off to jail for assault. His wife and
her lover concocted a story that made Clay appear to be the abuser. The
evidence was clear ...

Bulletin Of The United States Bureau Of Labor Statistics

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Clay carrying has always been a point of contest in making wage agreements. In
earlier days the jigger men and dish makers or their helpers had to carry the clay
from the slip house to the place of work in the clay shop. Under the present
agreement (p. 120), the firm must deliver clay to the jigger |. free of charge, o the
jigger man must bear the old: of the cost of moving the clay to his place of work or
the clay must be carried by him or his crew. A clay carrier is usually employed by
the ...

The Life And Public Services Of Henry Clay

Author: Epes Sargent
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Every spot of ground Henry Clay touches he immortalizes. I have been in public
life for forty years, and in that time have been associated with all the great men of
the country. Leaving out Madison and Gallatin, who were old men when I first
stepped upon the theatre of politics, I will place Jefferson first, then Henry Clay.
He is a perfect Hercules in all the qualines that can adorn human nature. Some
men may excel him in a single quality — for instance, Webster may be a greater
logician, ...

Clay Man

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In this breathtaking retelling of a timeless tale, Irene N. Watts’s beautiful words are complemented by the haunting black-and-white images of artist Kathryn E. Shoemaker. From the Hardcover edition.

The Phrenological Characters And Talents Of H Clay D Webster J Q Adams W H Harrison And A Jackson As Given By The Most Distinguished Phrenologists In The United States Also Notes On The Same Etc

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rect; still he has, without fear of refutation, proceeded in his descriptions, and the
candidate was irresistably forced to acknowledge that, “ I am the man described;”
while thgresponse from the audience would be, “ Surely thou art the man.” For
myselfI would say, that my confidence in the truth of phrenology, as well as in the
knowledge ... Mr. Wheeler's deportment, while in this place, has been good. I am
persuaded that he is a young gentleman of good principles, and is actuated by
pure ...

Clay Aiken

Author: Kathleen Tracy
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Examines the life and career of the pop singer who rose to fame as a contestant on the television series "American Idol."

Clay In The Potter S Hands

Author: Rudy Clay
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Easter egg hunts didn't happen in the Clay family and his Christmas memories
were clouded with the dismal remembrance of when he put his stocking up and
the next moming it was filled with coal and beer bottles. “Rudo, you a bad boy!”
echoed in his mind and his “safe place” was behind the monstrous coal stove in
the kitchen, hiding from the world. The world wasn't a nice place for Rudy. ...
Could he be the man of her dreams? Little did he know at that time that the Lord
had his ...

Feet Of Clay

Author: Joseph R. Trudel
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Outside Beijing province, the young missionary kept a careful watch along the
dusty path that led his followers to their secret meeting place. The man's name
was Abraham Mc Call. His parents had given him this name, after they had been
inspired from the Old Testament character known as Abraham. Both of McCall's
parents had long been born-again Christians, and often felt that there was
something unusually different in their only son. Growing up in Augusta, Georgia,
the young Mc ...

Faithful To Science

Author: Andrew Steane
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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There was once a potter who made a man out of clay. He was pleased with his
work; the clay man was about the size of your hand and he had a sort of
inquisitive expression which the potter liked. He put his little clay man at the side
of his bench, and enjoyed seeing him there as he worked. That night the potter
had a dream in which his little clay man looked up and smiled at him. He was
thrilled with this dream and realized that he had come to love the clay man. It
wasn't that he didn't ...