A Right Old Confloption Down Penzance

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Thus, while Baptists emerged from English Separatism, Anabaptism prepared the
way for Separatism both in England and on the ... In this way, it may be surmised;
Anabaptists influenced both General and Particular Baptists.7 To some degree,
the ... Two classic examples are provided by the studies of Burrage and Evans;
subsequent discussion has largely followed ... A History of the English Baptists (
London, 1923) and is found in B. R. White, The English Baptists of the
Seventeenth ...

American Baptist Quarterly

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"A Memorial Addressed by the Baptist General Association of Virginia to the
Gencral Assembly of Virginia, 1926, Against ... For a classic statement of this
position, see [Edmund Pendleton?], "An address to the Anabaptists imprisoned in
Caroline ... 268-96; James Horn, Adapting to a New World: English Society in the
Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake (Chapel Hill: ... 2 vols. (Boston, 1813), 1:2: 24-
26, 33-36. The standard studv lor Virginia Baptists is Reuben Edward Allev, A
History of ...

Thomas Grantham

Author: John Inscore Essick
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The chapter on the office of Messenger builds on and expands the work of John F. V. Nicholson by examining Grantham’s role in consolidating the office of Messenger and establishing it as a distinctive third ministerial office among the ...

Crisis Of The 17th Century

Author: Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper
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The Crisis of the Seventeenth Century collects nine essays by Trevor-Roper on the themes of religion, the Reformation, and social change.

The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

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3 vol. (1961-64; Eng. trans., A History of Protestantism, 1966-68). Many of the
best treatments are given in histories of individual countries or in the ... American
Christianity, 2 vol. (1960-63), a general guide with documents; w.w. SWEET, The
Story of Religion in America. ... 1 9th century, t. BODENSIEK (ed.), The
Encyclopedia of the Lutheran Church. 3 vol. (1965), is the standard English
reference on Lutheranism ... Reprints of Baptist histories and documents may be
found in EDWIN s.

Books In Series 1876 1949 Titles

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SERIES 1, Vol. 6) 360 Josef Holbrooke and His Work. George Lowe. K. Paul,
Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd. (*LIBRARY OF ... English. 1918. Ed. by Brooks E. W.
Joseph Glanville: A Study in English Thought and Letters of the Seventeenth
Century. ... English. O. T. Joshua 1931 et al. Ed. by American Baptist Publication
Society. The American Baptist Publication Society. ... Reprinted for C. F.

Publishers Weekly

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Revell [1969] 127p. 20cm. [BX 6333.H345J4 1969] 76-2370 bis, 3.50 1. Baptists
— Sermons. 2. Sermons, American. I. Title. fHAWKINS, Frederick William - A. o, ,
792.0944 nnals of the French stage from its origin to the death of Racine. ... I. Title
. #HAWKINS, Frederick William, 792.0 1849-1900 944 The French, stage in the
eighteenth century. ... New York, A. M. Kelley, 1969. x, 293p., illus. 22cm. (Lib. of
early Amer, business & indus. 18) Reprints of econ. classics. Reprint of ...

The Making Of The English Working Class

Author: E. P. Thompson
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E. P. Thompson shows how the English working class emerged through the degradations of the industrial revolution to create a culture and political consciousness of enormous vitality.