The Framers Coup

Author: Michael J. Klarman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Flaws in the Articles of Confederation -- Economic turmoil in the states and the road to Philadelphia -- The Constitutional Convention -- Slavery and the Constitutional Constitution -- Critics of the Constitution: the Antifederalists -- The ...

Original Intent And The Framers Constitution

Author: Leonard Williams Levy
Publisher: Ivan R Dee
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Then Marshall followed with a "judicial coup d'etat," in the words of Albert J.
Beveridge, on the constitutional issue that neither party had argued. ... Charles
Lee, the former attorney general of the United States who argued the case for
Marbury, had defined several questions presented by the case, and the first was
whether the Supreme Court could award the writ.27 Marshall deliberately
reversed the sequence of the questions, making Lee's first one the last one to be
dealt with.

John Stuart Mill

Author: Richard Reeves
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He suggested that this would 'prove to be the most serious mistake which the
framers of the French Constitution have made'. Mill pointed to the other great
democracy, the United States of America, where direct presidential elections –
rather than, as Mill preferred, election by legislators – had resulted in a string of
presidents who were 'either an unknown mediocrity or a man whose reputation
has been acquired in some other field than that of politics'.66 In France, the risk
was less ...

Understanding The United States Constitution 1787 1987

Author: Joyce Oldham Appleby
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In that compact of the states, ratified during the American Revolution, any change
required the unanimous approval of all of the states. Mindful of that obstacle, the
framers had written into the new U. S. Constitution the totally unexpected
provision that the Constitution would replace the Articles when nine states had
ratified it. Noting this clear violation of the original Confederation, one
respectable scholar has called the constitutional convention a "coup d'etat," a
phrase which I'm sure ...

Constitutional Opinions

Author: Leonard W. Levy
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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If the United States was to survive and flourish, a strong national government had
to be established. The framers of the Constitution were accountable to public
opinion; the Convention was a representative body. That its members were
prosperous, well- educated ... A coup d'etat ordinarily lacks the deliberation and
consent that marked the making of the Constitution and is characterized by a
military element that was wholly lacking in 1787. A Convention elected by the
state legislatures ...

The Ordinance Making Powers Of The President Of The United States Baltimore 1925

Author: James Hart
Publisher: Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins Press
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In countries like the Ignited States, where such an emergency arises only about
once in fifty years, it may be better not to give the President very extensive
powers either by constitutional or statutory grant. For our legalistic tradition is
strong enough to compel a usurping Executive to appeal to the Congress for
retroactive delegation of power; our dislike of executive power is so great that a
President will not dare attempt to turn such usurpation into a coup d'etat.11
Unfortunately, perhaps, ...

Public Administration

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which, in tum, invites an authoritarian coup d'état by the very person whom it
feared. ... As Merkl (1963) noted 'Like the framers of the United States
Constitution, the Council distmsted the masses and their sudden passions, Zinn [
an SPD delegate] looked at the Weimar era in the same light in which the fifty-five
men at Philadelphia ... In fact, I do not think we will ever be able to formulate a
law-like theory of constitution-making, whether general or limited to certain space
-time parameters.

Presidential Government In The United States

Author: Caleb Perry Patterson
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who is the source of the enormous patronage which is the main lever in the
politics of the United States, exercises functions which are more regal than those
of an English monarch.'13 Henry Jones Ford said, "The truth is that in the
presidential office as it has been constituted since Jackson's time, American
democracy has revived the oldest political institution of the race, the elective
Kingship." According to President Wilson, "The framers of the Constitution made
in our President a ...

Encyclopedia Of The American Constitution

Author: Leonard Williams Levy
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
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When the Convention voted on the provision that Congress “shall have the power
to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises," the states were unanimous
and only one delegate, Elbridge Gerry, was opposed. When the Convention next
... If the Framers got too far astray from public opinion, their ... A coup d'état
ordinarily lacks the deliberation and consent that marked the making of the
Constitution and is characterized by a military element that was wholly lacking in