A Companion To The American Novel

Author: Alfred Bendixen
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She is the nineteenth-century True Woman with domestic ideals, yet she is not,
for her situation as fallen woman and single mother has subverted those ideals.
She is not the sentimental heroine of nineteenth-century women's novels: “her
temperament was not of the order that escapes from too intense suffering by a
swoon” (p. 69). She is like the Puritan Anne Hutchinson, yet she is also like the
emerging free-thinking woman of the nineteenth century. She is silent, yet she is
dramatic ...

Secondary Heroines In Nineteenth Century British And American Novels

Author: Jennifer Camden
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The secondary heroine of the early seduction novel survives through social
manipulation: her astute navigation of social codes secures her position in
society at the expense of the fallen woman. ... way, you will let me see it – if i find
it not to my mind, i will add or diminish, as justice shall require” (1466). in contrast
, in The Coquette, Julia Granby restricts the circulation of Eliza's private papers to
shift focus to the description of her fall engraved on her tombstone as a warning
to American ...

Letter And The Spirit Of Nineteenth Century American Literature

Author: Thomas Loebel
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It would only be attribution to say so, but one wonders whether her sympathy
does not come from her own posi— tion as a woman in the nineteenth century, a
gender cast into a position of curtailment felt to be associated with slavery, with its
very human desire to force off the chains of inequality. When Milly asks ...
Equiano's conversion results in a Christianity that works to save souls and
intervenes in secular politics only to address its effects — to uplift the fallen and to
heal the sick.

Nineteenth Century American Women S Novels

Author: Susan K. Harris
Publisher: CUP Archive
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These latter form the chorus of women's voices Alcott employs to explicate her
themes: most notably among them, Hepsy, whom Alcott uses to teach the
narratee racial tolerance and respect; Cynthy Wilkins, a clear-starcher, "a large
woman . . . with fuzzy red hair, no front teeth, and a plump clean face" (165), who
illustrates the strengths of women who have always had to provide their own
protection; and Rachel /Letty, the fallen woman, whom Alcott uses to undermine
the society's ...

Femininity To Feminism

Author: Susan Rubinow Gorsky
Publisher: Twayne Publishers
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The Faces of Eve: Woman in the Nineteenth-Century American Novel. New York:
Oxford University Press, 1976. Examines the American Eve, compared to the
American Adam, in the works of male and female novelists. Gilbert, Sandra. and
Susan Gubar. The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth
-Century Literary Imagination. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1979. Excellent
background in history and discussion of lesser-known writers inform this study of

Family Matters In The British And American Novel

Author: Andrea O'Reilly Herrera
Publisher: Popular Press
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Barrett Browning's polemical intent becomes evident if one compares her portrait
of Marian to traditionalist depictions, current throughout the nineteenth century.
According to tradition, the fallen woman was frequently seen negatively as the
sexual predator who victimizes hapless, wealthy middle- and upper-class males.
Throughout the nineteenth century, unmarried women with children were viewed
both in literature, and according to law, from two contrasting but linked