The Devil S Highway

Author: Luis Alberto Urrea
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 031604928X
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" Three years later, Luis Alberto Urrea wrote about what happened to them. The result was a national bestseller, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, a "book of the year" in multiple newspapers, and a work proclaimed as a modern American classic.

Travels With Charley In Search Of America

Author: John Steinbeck
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440638886
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Blue Highways (William Least Heat-Moon, 1982): Personal anguish sends the
author on a threemonth soul-searching road trip through the forgotten corners of
America. The Devil's Highway: A True Story (Luis Alberto Urrea, 2004): Socially
engaged in a way that Steinbeck would have endorsed, The Devil's Highway
details the trials of twenty-six men who attempt to cross the Mexican border into
southern Arizona. “Go Greyhound” (Bob Hicok, 2004): Hicok's poem speaks to
the feelings ...

Opening The Floodgates

Author: Kevin R. Johnson
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814743005
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430 (1999); Bill Ong Hing, The Dark Side of Operation Gatekeeper, 7 U.C. Davis
J. Int'l L. & Pol'y 121 (2001). 84. See, e.g., Ken Ellingwood, Hard Line: Life and
Death on the U.S.Mexico Border (2004); Sonia Nazario, Enrique's Journey: The
Story of a Boy's Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite With His Mother (2006); Jorge
Ramos, Dying to Cross: The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History (2005
); Luis Alberto Urrea, The Devil's Highway: A True Story (2004). 85. Huntington,
Who ...

The Greenwood Encyclopedia Of Latino Literature Q Z

Author: Nicolás Kanellos
ISBN: 9780313339738
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Urrea was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2005 for The Devil's Highway: A True Story,
which tells of the journey of twenty-six undocumented immigrants across the
desert in Arizona. Only twelve of these men survived. Urrea conducted a variety
of interviews and researched the deaths of the migrants to stitch the story
together. He writes compassionately about the hardships of these undocumented
migrants but also describes coyotes (labor smugglers) and border patrol agents
without trying ...

Current Biography

Author: H.W. Wilson Company
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Urrea, the Publishers Weekly (January 21, 2002) reviewer noted, "is a poetic
writer who draws strong characters and wears his literary compassion on his
sleeve, and he uses all of his gifts to full advantage here." Urrea's book The
Devil's Highway (2004) is the true story of 26 men who in May 2001 walked
through the desert from Veracruz, Mexico, to the Arizona border, to try to get into
the U.S. Fourteen of the men died on the way. Urrea told the story in novelistic
fashion, concentrating ...

The Devil S Teeth

Author: Susan Casey
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1466800518
Size: 62.91 MB
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A True Story of Obsession and Survival Among America's Great White Sharks
Susan Casey. would remove it for at least three hours. Then he'd sneak another
one out there, but this time he would use an ... And how exactly was a twelve-foot
shark supposed to move through the water while it was on the back of a flatbed
truck rolling down Highway One en route to Marineland of the Pacific? The whole
enterprise was outlandishly complicated. But in the wake of Jaws, in the
seventies and.

Hispanic Link Weekly Report

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The Devil's Highway, A True Story, by Luis Alberto Urrea: The author tells us the
story of 26 men from Veracruz, Mexico, who in 2001 tried crossing the border into
Arizona in an area known as the Devil's Highway. In this journey, 14 of the men
died in the Southwest desert. The survivors became easy prey for unscrupulous
coyotes who robbed them and taunted them with false promises of jobs in the
United States. The author wrote this book based on testimony from the survivors.
(Little ...

Mother Jones

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If the story has a flaw, it's hardly Beach's fault: Allsbrooks' suit against Pacific
Lumber settles at the 11th hour, robbing us of a climactic, perhaps cathartic,
courtroom showdown. But that seems a fitting reflection of the struggle between
deep ecology and corporate capitalism—an ongoing war of attrition devoid of
satisfying outcomes. -GREGORY CROUCH The Devil's Highway: A True Story By
Luis Alberto Urrea. Little, Brown. $24.95. Trolling for Latino votes, President Bush
recently ...

Best Book Bizarre But True Stories

Author: Mike Flynn
Publisher: Carlton Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781858685588
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DEVILS HIGHWAY -B-^esidents of towns along the notorious Route 666 have
been campaigning to have the name of the highway changed. Superstitious
motorists are convinced that the Devil is at work on this highway, and point to the
unusually high number of accidents - especially of the hit-and-run kind - that
occur on this stretch of road. They say that by calling the route "666", which is, of
course, The Mark Of The Beast, the authorities are inviting trouble, not least from
the hordes of ...

The Rhizomatic West

Author: Neil Campbell
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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Urrea credits Martinez in his The Devil's Highway: A True Story (New York: Little
Brown, 2004), acknowledging Crossing Over as “a classic of border literature”
and writing that “Anyone who wants to understand the world of the
undocumented entrant could do worse than start here” (228). In return, Martinez
credits Urrea in The New Americans (New York: The New Press, 2004): “whose
work on many of the themes in this book precedes mine” (vii). 24. Martinez
interview with author, July ...