The Big Stick

Author: Eliot A. Cohen
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0465096573
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In The Big Stick, Eliot A. Cohen-a scholar and practitioner of international relations-disagrees. He argues that hard power remains essential for American foreign policy.

To Lead The World

Author: Melvyn P. Leffler
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199888027
Size: 41.14 MB
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U.S. national security policy is at a critically important crossroads. The Bush Doctrine of unilateralism, pre-emptive war, and the imposition of democracy by force has proven disastrous.

Foreign Affairs Pakistan

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How truel Hillary diagnosed the problems as a consequence of erroneous
doctrine, and presenting "American people with a series of false choices: force
versus diplomacy, unilateralism versus multilateralism, hard power versus Soft,"
she rightly ... big stick', could do. Military overly used, builds up 'resistance' and its
limitations tend to reinforce the 'will' of the insurgents. Degrading international
organisations and to rely on solo Operations was the fatal mistake. She also
proposes ...

Defence Journal

Author: Ikram ul-Majeed Sehgal
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... changes further damaged our international standing." How true! Hillary
diagnosed the problems as a consequence of erroneous doctrine, and
presenting "American people with a series of false choices: force versus
diplomacy, unilateralism versus multilateralism, hard power versus soft," She
rightly condemned the inherent predisposition to overly use force, when only
carrying a 'big stick', could do. The Military overly used builds up 'resistance' and
its limitations tend to reinforce the ...

L Union Europ Enne Et Le Nouvel Quilibre Des Puissances

Publisher: Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN: 2296537901
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Whereas realists locate the importance of economic power principally in its
supporting role for military capability, liberals see economic power as the primary
fundamental vehicle of power. For instance, the size of its internal ... to cover
anything but military force, but Nye's original idea was that even economic induce
- ments are better seen as lying on the side of hard power, albeit closer to the
middle line separating hard and soft power (Nye, 2007). Normative power can
also be seen ...

Latin America In Books

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In late 1980 an assistant to the Foreign Affairs Division of the U.S. Congress
declared publicly that if Mexico were to limit drastically its supply of oil to the U.S.,
or even if this supply were subject to domestic or external threats, Washington
would likely gain control of Mexican wells by military force. This bald statement
takes the wraps off the Big Stick. But greater oil production is the direction the
country continues to take. On 1 July 1981 Pemex signed an agreement with
eighty-two banks ...

Editorials On File

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To fund what would certainly have been the last of the 90,000 ton, nuclear-
powered supercar- riers, Congress cut from the Pentagon's proposed budget
$800 million in additional weapons and equipment for Army ground forces
assigned to NATO. This %t Bun ptap inion Diego, Calif., ... It would appear that Mr
. Carter's veto of the $37 billion military weapons authorization bill will be
sustained when the House returns from recess i next month. We hope so.
President Carter's resort to a ...

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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For example, during the weeks leading up to the Congressional vote on an
authorizatlon for the use of military force against Iraq. many members of
Congress sought changes to the Administration's initial proposal. The
Administration. In essence. originally ... Teddy Roosevelt's soft rhetoric and big
stick approach was about the right balance. We must be more than powerful; we
must be wise in the use of our power and wise in the use of our rhetoric. The
United States must be a leader, ...

Contemporary China

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16 December 28, 1942 Generally speaking, in order to assure a lasting peace,
ejther in a region or for the world as a whole, it is always essential, first of all, to
endeavor to make a supreme effort toward eliminating all causes of conflict or
friction in international relationship and toward checking all vicious forces which
make for war. After the conclusion of the present war there must be some
international machinery to assure such international cooperation and security as
will enable all ...


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Ultimately, Reagan's big-stick policy will be judged by its results. In Grenada the
short-term prospects — for a quick withdrawal of U.S. troops and a return to
democracy — were good. But the long- range benefits of Operation Urgent Fury
will depend on the lessons the administration draws from it — not just about the
uses of military power, but about its limits. After a decade of Vietnam syndrome,
Reagan clearly hoped that Grenada would remind Americans that force,
effectively applied, ...