Tears We Cannot Stop

Author: Michael Eric Dyson
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250136008
Size: 42.81 MB
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This is a major achievement. I read it and said amen." Short, emotional, literary, powerful—Tears We Cannot Stop is the book that all Americans who care about the current and long-burning crisis in race relations will want to read.

Home Alive

Author: Geoffrey Mount Varner
ISBN: 9780692850480
Size: 10.28 MB
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This is not a police bashing book.Home Alive and the 11 strategies presented immediately starts to save lives now once read.Often the police use of deadly force began as a routine stop or as a simple domestic call.

The Literary World

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Poetry dedicated like Mr. Charles De Kay's Vision of Esther "to the great shade of
Darwin and to the lofty spirit of Emerson " is likely to be " too high " for us; we
could not expect "to attain unto it." It is a long composition, ... Just what "my
onrush banned" means we cannot stop to ascertain. [D. Appleton & Co. $1.50.] ...
Their daughter, imbibing that love of romance And sparkling vivacity native to
France, Was granted that freedom of action we see With Americans only.
Chaperoned and yet ...

Household Journal Of Popular Information Amusement And Domestic Economy

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I know the 'sort of kind So do we wander in the garden of poesy ; so do we flit
admiringly through its mazes of heavenly inspiration, drinking in beauty, sweets,
and knowledge — but we leave the statelincss, the pride, the pomp, for the
simple poem that teems with the richness of pure, natural genius. ... laden with
dew, dissolving in tears. We fly from ... We can remember a person or thing
without leaving them any emotion of love, but we cannot love anything without
first remembering it.

Child S Paper

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His little hands, half closed, looked so white and pretty, his countenance so
serene. Yet what a comfort it was to reflect this was only his body. ... About an
hour afterwards we passed her again, and read, " We cannot live long." This
shattered and sinking wreck, tempest-tossed on the ... The young and beautiful
queen, Mary Stuart, hated the Reformation, and did all she could to stop it, and to
prevent Knox from preaching the gospel. Sometimes she tried force, sometimes
she tried flattery ...

The Independent

Author: Leonard Bacon
Size: 52.74 MB
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your preaching. We may say that of the present. lil0 teachers and ofllcors of the
three schools for which this church is responsible a majority are t-he fruits of this
unexceled pastorate. For several years your missionary and benevolent spirit for
the poor and those destitute of ... A pastor who comes to our homes and calls
even grandfathers and grandmothers by their first names, just as they were called
in childhood. cannot overlook children's simplicity. nor be lightly esteemed by

The American Missionary

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Had we spoken then; had we seized the firebrand of the Sermon on the Mount,
and rushed out into the night, we might have warned the Twentieth Century of
unlimited hate, national pride and prejudice rushing toward the yawning abyss.
We failed to ... This time, will we ministers tear away the bars which, like the
prisoner in Bunyan's allegory, we have built about us with our own hands, and
boldly venture into the inky night, toward untrodden fields of Christian love and
world peace?

The Christian Life

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f f^^ in the Unitarian Review, under "<« head, we read as follows:— " Out of the
total population of Ireland, estimated by the Registrar- General to amount last
year to 4,887,439, that of Ulster was by the census of 1881 1,742,755, lessened,
no doubt, ... American Unitarianism.— A friend has written us the following notes :
— " The first Unitarian clergyman of New England appears to have been Dr. Gay,
of Hingham, whose ministry commenced in 1718. Unitarianism seems to have
made ...

The Christian Index

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If, when you are looking at an object, I should interpose anything between our
eyes and that object, it would prevent you from seeing it. And I am in the same
predicament when I seek one thing ... North American Review. --eeeoReading
SERMons. We find the following article published in a Boston paper. It is no
doubt a caricature; but even caricatures have some true features, and this may be
the case in the present instance. The observations are made by a professed
stranger and ...