So What Stories Or Whatever

Author: G. J. Griffiths
Publisher: G J Griffiths
ISBN: 1484987101
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'Well I don't think you should be calling people names, girls. And I want that to
end now - understand! It's probably nothing at all and I will speak to Mr Ashworth
today.' 'But what about the weirdo - er - the caretaker?' Caroline asked. She was
starting to feel uncertain about causing someone to lose their job. Her dad had
been made redundant recently. 'I'm going to speak to the caretaker as well, of
course. But there's always two sides to a story after all... To get your story clear I'm
going ...

Beauty Shop For Rent

Author: Laura Bowers
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547537269
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She and John could break up tomorrow, or five days from now, or five months
from now. There's always that chance, but worrying about it won't do her any
good. She should enjoy today. “So what can I do?” I asked. “Nothing you can do,”
Granny Po said. “Sarah needs to figure this out for herself. You just be there for
her, whenever she needs a friend.” Two more weeks passed and there was
nothing from Mom. I knew enough from listening to Rosemary that buying a
house doesn't ...

Swimming With The Devilfish

Author: Des Wilson
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1509824928
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Winning on the horses ('So this one lost, so what? . . . There's a castiron certainty
in the 3.30 at Doncaster tomorrow'), cracking the occasional safe ('So I've spent
what I took from the tobacconist, so what? . . . There's always the offlicence down
the road') . . . It's easy come, easy go. He's now playing more and more in London
, and experiencing some spectacular ups and downs. He once loses a £60,000
pot to Donnacha O'Dea at the Vic when the latter gets a lastcard ace, one of only

Left For Dead

Author: Howard Jencks
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469190958
Size: 60.84 MB
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They've been through so much already.” “Look, man, if you can make the
arrangements to have them reunited and moved for protection, you've done what
you said. So what ifthe bad man walks today? There's always tomorrow. You
know that.” “You're right. No need to take unnecessary risks. There will always be
another chance, especially with these guys.” More than just the case was heating
up. It was mid—afternoon now, and the desert sun had heated the air to a
sweltering 113 ...

There S Always Plan B

Author: Susan Mallery
Publisher: HQN Books
ISBN: 145929162X
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Not that there was anything going on between her and Steve, but so what if there
was? Neil had been the one to walk out on the marriage. “Okay,” Carly said,
moving away from Steve, “time out. This is getting too complicated.” She turned to
Neil. “I'm glad you want to see Tiffany again in two weeks. I think it's great. But
between now and then, you and I have to talk about ground rules.” “You're so
uptight, Carly,” her ex said. “You gotta loosen up.” “Where my daughter is
concerned, that ...

Personal Jesus Engaging Culture

Author: Clive Marsh
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441240500
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4,, pop music in the marketplace Kids now—they seem to have very little of the
snobbery about music that I had, and the downside of that is that music doesn't
play a kind of ideological part in their lives. It is slightly surprising to realize that
something which had enormous meaning for you doesn't have so much meaning
for them. The currency is devalued in some way. So what I look out for is: so what
does that for them now? Because I assume there's always a currency through
which ...

Caster S Blog A Geek Love Story

Author: Marcus Alexander Hart
ISBN: 1411674170
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But there's always the chance that I'm over-thinking this, and maybe it'll all be fine
. Or maybe ... Current mood: bitchy Comments: 2 Bowling with the gang Julie
doesn't fit in well I should have told her Well today could have gone better. :-P I
talked to ... She was like, "You're always telling me about stuff you did with Julie.
Is she like your girlfriend now?" I said that she kind of was, and she congratulated
me, but she sounded like she didn't mean it. But I'm not going to pretend that I
wasn't ...


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The computer augmentation that came to mind was just not in line with the
computer technology at the time at all. [Today,] there is no question that there is
going to be all the computer power we need. So, let's start getting oriented about
how you would harness it and make changes because this side is going to take a
lot longer to change. Engelbart says, without apparent bitterness, that his
concepts netted him virtually no money. When he spoke at industry conferences
in the late 195 ...

I Ve Got My Period So What

Author: Clara Henry
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1510714235
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(If by chance you do become prime minister in about thirty years' time, give me a
call so we can do lunch or something. It would be soooo cool if the ... Myths
abound, but it seems like the ones about menstruation are as plentiful as Now
That's What I Call Music CDs— they never, ever end. New ones are released ...
The tampon might travel up a little bit, but it's boringly predictable in its stability;
even if it gets pushed in a bit far, there's always the string to get it back in line.
And if for some ...

On The Way To The Web

Author: Michael Banks
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430208708
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But there's always something new to learn on the Web, and there always will be.
Where. Are. They. Now? So, what happened to the online services that survived
the late 1980s shakeout? Let's have a look. AOL is . . . well, it's AOL, the largest
ISP on the planet, unique in being a content-intensive service as well as an ISP. It
merged with Time Warner in 2000, and books are still being written about that
event.11 The company is engaged in a complex range of online services in
addition ...