Shakespeare In Canada

Author: Diana Brydon
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This alchemical view of text can be equated with thejamesian 'figure dans le tapis
' ('figure in the carpet'), an image used by Stephane Lepine to define the way in
which Chaurette's indirection always works to conceal a secret, which, once
revealed, totalizes the meaning of all that has been said and remains to be said ('
Le Sceau). In Chaurette, the 'barred scene' is crucial: in Les Reines, Anne Dexter
tells at length of the incestuous love between herself and her brother George,
which ...

A Directory Of Shakespeare In Performance Since 1991

Author: J. O'Connor
Publisher: Springer
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Opening Date 12 June 2002 Costumes Govane Lohbauer Venue Founders.
Theatre, Lenox, MA Lighting Karen Perlow Company Shakespeare and
Company Sound Mark Huang Director Tina Packer Fights Tony Simotes Sets
Judy Gailen Choreography Susan Dibble CAST Banquo/Doctor/Secret Service
Agent/ Lady Macduff/Donalbain/Seyton/Spirit/ Spirit Johnny Lee Davenport
Gentlewoman Jennie Israel Bloody Captain/Macduff/Secret Service Macbeth/
Secret Service Agent/Young ...

Shakespeare In Shorthand

Author: Adele Davidson
Publisher: Associated University Presse
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Notis (De Furtivis notis literarum (On the Secret Notes of Letters)]." The Italian
cryptologist Baptista Della Porta includes techniques of secret writing that, like
the Tironian notae, may have influenced the invention of Stenographic Both Della
Porta and Willis use simplified spellings for ease of encipher- ment. Della Porta
omits duplicative letters; he recommends writing "f" for "ph," a technique that
Willis adopts, and using "cu" for "q"; Willis, like Bright, subsumes "q" in his letter
cluster "k/c/q.

Studying Shakespeare In Performance

Author: John Russell Brown
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137268247
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By learning to read what may be called this 'secret' language in the texts, a
reader can begin to visualise what might happen onstage and represent real and
tangible life. * * * A practicable way of studying a play in performance – rather
than performances by individual actors – is for the reader to use himself or herself
as both actor and audience and in his own mind bring to the task whatever the
experience of living and an active imagination can supply. In plays that stage the
acting of ...

The Plays Of William Shakespeare In Ten Volumes With The Corrections And Illustrations Of Various Commentators To Which Are Added Notes By Samuel Johnson And George Steevens With An Appendix

Author: William Shakespeare
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Chief master-gunner am I of this town ; Something I must do, to procure me grace.
The prince's 'spials hath informed me, How 1 the English, in the suburbs close
intrench'd, Went, through a secret grate of ifon bars, In yonder tower, to over-peer
the city ; And thence discover, how, with most advantage, They may vex us, with
shot, or with assault. To intercept this inconvenience, A piece of ordinance 'gainst
it I have plac'd ; And fully even these three days have I watch'd, If I could fee them.

The Plays Of William Shakespeare In Eight Volumes

Author: William Shakespeare
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O negligence, Fit for a fool to fall by ! What cross devil Made me put this main
secret in the packet I sent the King ? Is there no way to cure this ? No new device
to beat this from his brains ? I know, 'twill stir him strongly ; yet I know A way, if it
take right, in ipight of fortune Will bring me off again. What's this — To the Pope f '
The letter, as I live, with all the business I writ to's Holiness. Nay, then farewel ; I'
ve touch'd the highest point of all my Greatness, .And I've 446 KING HENRY VIIL.

The Plays Of William Shakespeare In Ten Volumes

Author: William Shakespeare
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1 Wife in our negligence, have secret fee In some of our best ports, and are at
point have secret seize In some of our best ports ; 3. e., they are secretly secure
of some of the best ports, by having a party in the garrison ready to second any
attempt of their friends, &c. The exactness of the expression is remarkable ; he
fays, secret seize in some, not of some. For the first implies a conspiracy ready to
seize a place on warning, the other, a place already seized. Warburton; The true
state of ...

Shakespeare Survey Volume 16 Shakespeare In The Modern World

Author: Allardyce Nicoll
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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But it cannot destroy their love. It seeps into the sun-lit world of Verona,
reconciling its factions, honoured and made memorable in golden statues. When
Romeo is drawn back so violently into the world of Verona 'the day is hot, the
Capulets abroad'; when Verona is drawn down to the dark world of the lovers, 'a
glooming peace this morning with it brings, The Sun for sorrow will not show his
head'. Romeo and Juliet, then, have their being in a secret kept darkly from the

Shakespeare In His Own Age

Author: Allardyce Nicoll
Publisher: CUP Archive
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Even newer were the drugs of 'mineral' origin (mostly metals and their salts),
whose use was advocated by the followers of Paracelsus, and whose
preparation, at first secret, was fully described in textbooks of chemistry for the
use of apothecaries after about 1610. During Shakespeare's lifetime there was
relentless and much publicized war between those physicians who favoured
herbal 'Galenicals' and those who favoured the 'chymical' drugs of the
Paracelsans. This struggle ...