Illusive Shadows

Author: Lloyd Chiasson
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Information reprinted in Jones, Mutiny on the Amistad, 50-52. See also Document
No. 185, Amistad case evidence. Reprinted in Barber, A History of the Amistad
Captives, 31-32. 25. New York Morning Herald, 13 September 1839. 26. Herald
of Freedom, reprinted in the New York Colored American, 28 September 1839.
27. New York Morning Herald, 2 September 1839. 28. Ibid. 29. Cable, Black
Odyssey, 36. 30. Ibid., 36-37. 31. Ibid. The drama played to packed houses
throughout the ...

Four Brothers In Blue Or Sunshine And Shadows Of The War Of The Rebellion

Author: Robert Goldthwaite Carter
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806131856
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Having enlisted during the first excitement, for two or three years, or for the war,
when they saw the three months' regiments returning home after the disastrous
Battle of Bull Run, their dissatisfaction broke out in open mutiny among the men
of the Second Maine and Seventy-ninth New York. In the case of the former, sixty-
three men were sent to the Dry Tortugas, there to serve out the rest of the war as
prisoners at hard labor. The case of the Seventy-ninth New York was covered by


Author: Julian Stockwin
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“The measure is stepped like this — one, two, three and a stand, and a one, two,
three and a four ..." The surgeon's cabin door opened noiselessly, and Cockburn
was aware of muffled footfalls from forward, an appreciative audience gathering
in the shadows. “No, Tom, you've forgotten the 'four' again,” he said, with some
control, for Kydd had tripped and sent him staggering. His pupil had a memory as
short as ... . . "It won't answer, not at all,” he said to the crestfallen Kydd. MUTINY ...

Shadows Of Coming Events Or The Eastern Menace

Author: Arthur Cory
Publisher: London : H.S. King
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Admitting 'the mutiny of the officers' to be a danger to be apprehended and
guarded against, the checks against its possibility in the time of the Company are
sufficiently distinct. There were then three different constituent elements, each
acting as a counterpoise to the other, viz., the Imperial army, the local British force
, and the native army. It is not possible to imagine a perfect unanimity of feeling
amongst all the three to mutiny together. When the third alone did so, it rose
without its ...

War In The Shadows

Author: Robert B. Asprey
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595225934
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Chapter 52 624 The Mau Mau rebellion * Historical background • British
colonization * Early native political movements ' Rise of the KCA • Enter Jomo
Kenyatta • Early Mau Mau activities • Government suppression ' Mau Mau appeal
• Organization and strength of Mau Mau * Kenyatta' s arrest • The emergency
begins * Mau Mau terrorism • The government's response • British security forces
* The tactical problem * British military tactics • Mau Mau mistakes • General
Erskine's military ...

Shadows Of Empire

Author: David T. Garrett
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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In August a mutiny set them free, and the Audiencia's peninsular members were
jailed. The second rebellion to sweep southern Peru in just thirty-five years had
begun. The rebellion of 1814-15 - referred to at the time as the Angulo rebellion,
for the two creole brothers at its head, although now generally named for the
cacique of Chinchero - covered much the same region as that of Tupac Amaru,
although it had its origins in a different sector of society.165 It started as an urban
creole ...

Warning Shadows Home Alone With Classic Cinema

Author: Gary Giddins
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Overlord / The Guns of Navarone / The Caine Mutiny War is hell; writing about
war is Homeric. The settings, fighters, and armaments change, but the fervor,
terror, heroism, cowardice, agony, resentment, egotism, majesty, relief, pain,
death, joy, love, corruption, humor, and insanity abide, as does the overweening
desire to mythologize war's grotesquerie. Unlike his progeny, though, Homer
didn't bother with scoring political points. Neither pro- nor antiwar, he offered no
special succor ...

Great Historical Mutinies

Author: David Herbert
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Comprising the Story of the Mutiny of the Bounty, the Mutiny at Spithead, the
Mutiny at the Nore, Mutinies in Highland Regiments, and the Indian Mutiny David
followingis Parker'sr eplyto “To the Lords Commissioners CHAPTER. important
portion of the fleet, observing the ease with which the first demands for justice
were conceded to, should merely repeat the limited requisitions made in an
outbreak with which ...