Sexual Aberrations

Author: Wilhelm Stekel
ISBN: 9781417938346
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1930. Two Volumes in One. This book was written by Dr. Stekel, a physician of acknowledged experience in the field of emotional and instinctual disturbances. He wrote it expressly for physicians and earnest students.

Psychotherapists Sexual Involvement With Clients

Author: Gary Richard Schoener
Publisher: Walk-In Counseling Center
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ethical concerns, as well as others who may see standard qualifications as "
traditional" and therefore undesirable or irrelevant. ... Such therapists do not differ
substantially from the psychotherapy cult phenomena discussed in other
chapters (see Ch. 19) in this volume. ... Occasionally, one encounters a particular
boundary problem in mental health services in the gay and lesbian (or other
minority) community, which is not primarily sexual exploitation but may involve
sexual behavior.

Sex And Culture

Author: Joseph Daniel Unwin
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One of the salient points of the baigona-cult was that 'a great variety of animals
and reptiles were held sacred'. We are not told the native word ... WThen the
baigona-cult was stamped out by the Government another cult, the faro-cult,
arose from its ashes and spread in its turn. The taro-cult was inaugurated by ... I
have suggested that sovai did not mean 'ghost', and that it was merely applied to
the dead, as well as to some animals and other phenomena. Thus I am inclined
to accept his ...

Religious Movements

Author: Rodney Stark
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I believe cults well represent a range of other human creations, and that very
different phenomena can be identified and understood more easily if we already
have analyzed cults. ... of an organic genetics, and the rules of one can illuminate
the rules of the other. Do cults reproduce? And, if so, can we discern regularities
in the processes by which parent cults give rise to novel offspring? Surely, we
should not expect to find the equivalent of sexual reproduction in the cultural

A Golden Chain Of Civilizations

Author: G. C. Pande
Publisher: Munshirm Manoharlal Pub Pvt Ltd
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McEvilley writes that the Aryans seem to have opposed initially some 'sexual
cults' which 'they partially accepted in the Middle Vedic period' (=/? ... At one level
, as was said, Rgvedic deities represent natural forces or phenomena; these
mingle to generate new phenomena and often some of the former mingle again
with the latter to produce yet newer phenomena (as heat and air give winds, then
with moisture clouds, then rains or storms which cause growth of plants, fruit and
so on): ...

The Cults Of The Greek States

Author: Lewis Richard Farnell
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Another explanation which touches the one just examined at certain points is
supplied by a somewhat popular theory that has been already incidentally
mentioned, and has been elaborated in one of Mr. Karl Pearson's essays b. ...
these had the whole of the religion in their hands, and were specially devoted to
the worship of a goddess who — in Europe at least — was usually an earth-
goddess, and whose rites were orgiastic and marked with sexual licence, of
which the object was to ...

Understanding And Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Author: Christopher Bagley
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The authors of this study report on prolonged therapy sessions with 63 children
from five different pre-school centres in southern California, following accusations
of ritual abuse of children in these centres. Information was gathered from
therapists when the child had been, on average, one year in therapy. Within the
first four weeks of therapy, 76% of the children were said to have made an initial
disclosure of abuse: 16% of these made vague statements about 'mean teachers'
; 32% ...