Sex Cults And Other Phenomena Volume Two

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thought, the chosen one does not always have to be Jewish, can in fact, be an
ignorant and nervous middle aged woman, or, ahem, a humble near atheist, of
Dutch ancestry; perhaps some English, Irish or Welch. I must believe and dream
the ...

Sexual Aberrations

Author: Wilhelm Stekel
ISBN: 9781417938346
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1930. Two Volumes in One. This book was written by Dr. Stekel, a physician of acknowledged experience in the field of emotional and instinctual disturbances. He wrote it expressly for physicians and earnest students.

Cult Pop Culture

Author: Bob Batchelor
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313357803
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This three-volume collection of original essays examines cult pop culture, the often-seedy underbelly of American popular culture. * 60 essays examine cult topics based on linked subject matter * Organization by subject enables readers to ...

Soul Snatchers

Author: Jean-Marie Abgrall
Publisher: Algora Publishing
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Well organized and readable. This book is recommended for public and academic libraries.

From Good Goddess To Vestal Virgins

Author: Ariadne Staples
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113478788X
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Sex and Category in Roman Religion Ariadne Staples ... terms of their sexuality.
Female ritual categories were not limited to those I examine in this book, however
. ... We will see this phenomenon in the cults of Venus that I examine in this
chapter. ... of Ceres and Flora and of Bona Dea were similar in that they all
treated ritual categories as separate, self-contained and ritually distanced from
one another.

The Cult Of Divine Birth In Ancient Greece

Author: M. Rigoglioso
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230620914
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... where muses and nymphs, as I explain throughout this book, were related
figures frequently associated with divine birth stories. ... In several chapters, I
discuss myths that may point to the existence of pure parthenogenetic
priestesshoods of the ... continued to develop, male and female deities came to
be conceived of in sexual relationship to one another. This phenomenon finds
expression in myths such as that of the goddess Cybele and her fecundating
consort, Attis, in Phrygia.

The Evolution Conspiracy Vol 1

Author: Lisa A. Shiel
Publisher: Jacobsville Books
ISBN: 1934631302
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Exposing Life's Inexplicable Origins and the Cult of Darwin Lisa A. Shiel ... Since
the fertile sex can only interbreed with one of the parent species, the hybrids will
eventually be absorbed back into the parent species in a phenomenon known as
... In other words, the hybrids must breed with fellow hybrids to create more
hybrids, with the whole family sharing similar genetic makeup. ... This
phenomenon should really be called assumed speciation rather than “observed”

Psychotherapists Sexual Involvement With Clients

Author: Gary Richard Schoener
Publisher: Walk-In Counseling Center
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I have noted a few instances of cult-like phenomena in the gay and lesbian
communities. ... Such therapists do not differ substantially from the psychotherapy
cult phenomena discussed in other chapters (see Ch. 19) in this volume.
However ...

Sex And Culture

Author: Joseph Daniel Unwin
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One of the salient points of the baigona-cult was that 'a great variety of animals
and reptiles were held sacred'. ... that sovai did not mean 'ghost', and that it was
merely applied to the dead, as well as to some animals and other phenomena.