September And Other Stories

Author: Julie Ann Dawson
ISBN: 1411619226
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Horror fans looking for something original and entertaining will enjoy the range of writing styles and unexpected plot twists that fill this book. (review at magnificent read that will go on the keeper shelf. (review ...

A Rose For Emily And Other Stories

Author: William Faulkner
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0307799697
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Here is a classic collection from one of America’s greatest authors. Though these short stories have universal appeal, they are intensely local in setting.

The Call Of The Wild White Fang And Other Stories

Author: Jack London
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101495642
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The text of this edition follows the texts of the first book editions of "Batard,"
published in The Faith of Men and Other Stories by the Macmillan Company in
April 1904; of The Call of the Wild, published by the Macmillan Company in July
1903; of "Love of Life," published in Love of Life and Other Stories by the
Macmillan Company in September 1907; and of White Fang, published by the
Macmillan Company in September 1906. Jack London tended not to revise what
he had first written ...

The Steppe And Other Stories 1887 91

Author: Anton Chekhov
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141915706
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The Name-day Party First published in the Northern Herald (1888), the story later
underwent major stylistic changes and was significantly shortened. It was written
in a great hurry, as Chekhov had thought that the story was needed for the
September issue, not the October one, and admitted that he had 'muddled his
arithmetic'. At the end of September he wrote to Pleshcheyev: 'Phew! I've just
finished my story for the Northern Herald, my dear Aleksey Nikolayevich... It's
turned out rather ...

Anatolia And Other Stories

Author: Anis Shivani
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480426733
Size: 65.29 MB
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September 2. The rule has long been, no pregnancy, no childbirth. Grass turns to
food, turns to humans, turns to death, a losing equation, with or without
intervention. O planters! O bold solicitors of the sun's first rays, lay off! Lay off and
surrender! She wouldn't understand. Crowded among the women in my section
of the lower deck, a little prematurely Diana's water breaks, and she starts
moaning. My sleepmate, who calls himself Billy, to the rescue: “Fuckin' step aside
, y'all. I was a ...

The Uncle Of An Angel And Other Stories

Author: Thomas Allibone Janvier
Publisher: New York, Harper & brothers
Size: 76.54 MB
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[Delivered September 12th.] Did Margaret communicate with you in regard to her
intended movements ? I cannot find her and am much perturbed. Answer at once.
XXIV. Mrs. Clement Markham to Mr. Hubert Van Cort- landt, No. — Broadway,
New York : No. 68 Clinton Place, September 11th. Dear Mr. Van Cortlandt, — I
was so sorry that, after all, we did miss each other in the crowd last night. But I got
along very well, thanks to your forethought in telling me just what to do, though I
must ...

The Other Side Of September

Author: Don Musselman
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493198270
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Historical fiction based on a true story Don Musselman. CHAPTER 42. D. on,
Cynthia, and several others of the team were sitting at one of the tables having
breakfast in the hospital cafeteria. The group felt much closer as friends or
colleagues and, although they were all sleepy and tired, they were upbeat
because they knew they did something necessary and good for a change, rather
than the routine day-to-day things around the hospital. While eating and having
their morning coffee, ...

Typhoon And Other Tales

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192801739
Size: 77.24 MB
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'Typhoon' was written between September 1900 and January 1901. It was
serialized in Britain in Pall Mall Magazine (January to March 1902) and in the
United States in Critic (February to May 1902). On its own, it was published in
book form by G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, September 1902; in Britain, it was
collected in Typhoon and Other Stories (London: Heinemann, April 1903). 'Falk:
A Reminiscence' was written between January and May of 1901,1 and was one
of only two ...

Love And The Hardware Store And Other Stories

Author: Lesley Mouttet
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SEPTEMBER RAIN By Michael Anthony Lilla I couldn't quite say why I had
agreed to be there. If anyone had ever felt like an intruder, I did. Yet, I could not
fail a friend. Ruiz had asked me to come to dinner at his flat that evening, by no
means an unusual invitation. Since we had met four years before, we had had
dinner at each other's homes very often. This time, he had rather insisted on the
telephone, though I tried to beg off; I wasn't quite in the mood. The sky had been
leaden all ...