Rocks And Minerals Of Washington And Oregon

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"Your must-have guide to rocks and minerals of Washington and Oregon. Full-color photos and the details you need to know for identifying and collecting."-- Page [4] of cover.

Rocks And Minerals

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Rock Type: Volcanic (igneous). Minerals: Like basalt, andesite is rich in
plagioclase and pyroxene. But, since it mixed with melted mud, it has many more
minerals: quartz, biotite, and hornblende, for example. Color: Intermediate to
felsic (dark gray to light tan). Because andesite has more light-colored minerals (
like quartz and feldspar), it looks lighter than basalt. Grain Size: Fine-grained to
medium-grained. Andesite lava erupts from volcanoes and cools quickly, giving
its minerals little ...

Summary Of The Columbia Plateau Regional Aquifer System Analysis Washington Oregon And Idaho

Author: J. J. Vaccaro
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Rocks of the Columbia River Basalt Group consist primarily of labradorite (
plagioclase feldspar), augite (pyroxene), and opaque metal oxides (commonly
titanomagnetite) in a matrix of volcanic glass and cryptocrystalline material. The
most common accessory minerals are apatite, olivine, and metallic sulfides.
These are present in varying and minor amounts as intergrown and isolated
crystals. The most abundant secondary minerals are a nontronitic smectite,
quartz, clinoptilolite, and ...

Geological Survey Professional Paper

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UNITED STATES The kyanite-group minerals occur in almost every large area of
metamorphic rocks in the United States (Espenshade and Potter, I960;
Espenshade, 1961, 1962, 1973). Members of this group have ... (Teague, 1950).
Kyanite-group minerals are also widely distributed in schists and gneisses in
Montana (Groff, 1963), Washington (Thorsen, 1966), Oregon (Espenshade, 1973
), the Black Hills, S.D. (Redden and Norton, 1975), the Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Calif. (Wright ...

Geologic Framework Of The Willamette Lowland Aquifer System Oregon And Washington

Author: Marshall W. Gannett
Publisher: U S Geological Survey
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Little hydrologic information is available for the volcanic and intrusive rocks in the
Coast Range, but well information indicates that these rocks also have low
permeability (Frank, 1974; Frank and Collins, 1978). Coast Range volcanic rocks
commonly contain abundant secondary minerals (Keith and Staples, 1985) that
tend to reduce fracture permeability. Saline water is commonly encountered in
marine sedimentary rocks beneath and adjacent to the Willamette Lowland; this
saline ...

Geology Of The Pacific Northwest

Author: William N. Orr
Publisher: Waveland Press
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Rocks, rails, and trails, 2d ed. Pocatello, Idaho Museum of Natural History, 193p.
Kuntz, M.A., and Platt, L.B., eds., 1992. Regional geology of eastern Idaho and
western Wyoming. U.S. Geol. Survey, Memoir 179, 312p. et al., 1988. Structural
and ... 26, pp. 139—153. Mabey, M.A., et al., 1993. Earthquake hazard maps of
the Portland Quadrangle, Multnomah and Washington Counties, Oregon, and
Clark County, Washington. Oregon Dept. Geol. and Mineral Indus., GMS-79.
MacLeod ...

Sp007 Bibliography Of Nevada Geology And Mineral Resources Through 1980 An Alphabetical Listing By Author

Publisher: NV Bureau of Mines & Geology
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Oregon, ... Reviewed Science Rock Products Mag Rock Products Magazine,
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Geol Geologic atlas of the Rocky Mountain region, Rocky Mountain Association
of Geologists, ...

Pacific Crest Trail Oregon And Washington

Author: Jeffrey P. Schaffer
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INTRODUCTION The California section of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is noted
for its great diversity of plants and animals, minerals and rocks, climates and
landscapes. The Oregon section of the PCT provides quite a contrast, having the
most homogenous vegetation and land- scape of this tri-state route. The
Washington section falls between these two extremes. Along the route covered
by this volume, certain rocks, plants, and animals appear time and time again.
The most common ...

Metalliferous Mineral Deposits Of The Cascade Range In Oregon

Author: Eugene Callaghan
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Of more interest are the linear elements of the range, which serve to distinguish it
from contiguous areas of similar rocks or of rocks of about the same age. The
linear elements include (1) the trend of the range ... 11, pp. 217-230, 1900.
Coombs, H. A., The geology of Mount Rainier National Park : Univ. Washington
Pub. Geology, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 107-170, 1930. and the associated mineral
deposits show local variations but are 20 MINERAL DEPOSITS OF CASCADE

Rock Weathering

Author: Dorothy Carroll
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Granitic rocks are of deep-seated origin within the lithosphere and their presence
on the earth's surface is caused by erosion. Basaltic rocks, however, form from
lavas that spread from volcanoes on the earth's surface. Examples of such lavas
are the basaltic rocks of the states of Washington and Oregon, and of the
Hawaiian Islands. When magma cools it solidifies and its chemical constituents
crystallize as minerals. Granitic rocks contain an abundance of quartz and
feldspar and are ...