Reversing Hermon

Author: Michael S. Heiser
Publisher: Defender
ISBN: 9780998142630
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Reversing Hermon is a groundbreaking work. It unveils what most in the modern Church have never heard regarding how the story of the sin of the Watchers in 1 Enoch 6-16 helped frame the mission of Jesus, the messiah.

The Armenian Apocalyptic Tradition

Author: Kevork Bardakjian
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004270264
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It is suggestive, for instance, that the frame-narrative locates the vision
geographically proximate to Mount Lebanon, the very range of which Mount
Hermon is a part.135 Also intriguing is the emphasis placed on the direction in
which Enoch ... As in the apocrypha discussed above, we may here find an
allusion to Enoch's reversal of events in the life of Adam—in this case: his
reversal of the expulsion from Eden, which was marked by the guarding of the
garden by cherubim with a sword ...

Author: Daphna Arbel
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
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faulty and would reverse it to convey the idea that it is the heaven that ultimately
supports or extends to the earth, and not the other way around .13 Heaven and
earth are realms of the same world, and there is nothing to separate them in a ...
namely, 1 Enoch 14 and the Aramaic Testament of Levi from Qumran .16
Considering that Mount Hermon is the place on which the Watchers descend in 1
Enoch 6:6; that Enoch begins his journey to heaven at the foot of Hermon (13:7);
and that ...

The Missing Family Of Jesus How The Church Erased Jesus S Brothers And Sisters From History

Author: Tobias Churton
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
ISBN: 1780282575
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and where Jesus speaks of the 'Son of man' (a key figure of the Book of Enoch)
only to be rebuked physically, that is to say attacked, by an enraged Peter for
saying this figure must be rejected and killed – precisely the opposite of
everything Peter was hoping for and trusting in. Jesus sees evil spirit working
through Peter and casts this 'Satan' (or evil Watcher) aside. The defeat of the
fallen Watchers, bound to them that do evil, requires a reversal of the world's
expectation: Messiah ...

Hearing At The Boundaries Of Vision

Author: Sean Michael Ryan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567151328
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aside perhaps for i enoch 37–71, were originally composed in aramaic, as
verified by extant fragments at Qumran, the earliest of which (4Qena (c.199–150
bCe) and 4Qenb (c.175–125 bCe)), containing portions of i en 1–36, indicate a
terminus ... as a scribe, to write (gra,fein) a memorandum of petition (u`po,mnhma
th/j evrwth,sewj) for them and recite it on their behalf in the presence of the deity (i
en 13:4).29 enoch selects the noted divinatory site of the river dan, south of mt
Hermon, ...

1 Enoch Chapters 1 36 81 108

Author: George W. E. Nickelsburg
Publisher: Fortress Press
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The myth of the watchers seems to respond to the wars of the Diadochoi, but may
build on an earlier form that reflected Semitic myths at home in the area of Mount
Hermon. ... Enoch's journey in chaps. 20-36 duplicates the journey in 17-19, but
in reverse direction, taking the seer from the northwest to the eastern reaches of
the universe. The content of the original journey account has been expanded
with references to the eschatological fate of human beings and not just that of the

Flying Serpents And Dragons

Author: R. A. Boulay
Publisher: Book Tree
ISBN: 9781885395382
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Enoch's clothes were taken away and he was "anointed" and given "clothes of
glory," a symbolism to show that he was changed physically, made over like one
of the gods. This is just the reverse of what happened to Adam in the Garden of
Eden, he lost his "cloud of glory" and then was given clothes. It appears from
what happened ... According to the Haggadah there were 200 astronauts who
descended in the days of Jared onto Mount Hermon in northwest Palestine near

From Apocalypticism To Merkabah Mysticism

Author: Andrei A. Orlov
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004154396
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... acquired celestial extent of Enoch-Metatron, which in some traditions serves as
the measurement of the divine body—have been previously explored in several
important studies. This presentation however seeks to address another
eschatological dimension in which Enoch's new identity is connected with his
new role as the redeemer of humanity who is able to reverse the sin of Adam.
Before proceeding to 5 Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer (tr. G. Friedländer; New York:
Hermon, 1965), 260.

The Shining Ones

Author: Christian A E O'Brien
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Elsewhere - in parallel texts - the 'First Haven is described as a 'treasury of snow
and ice, and clouds and dew'; and from it Enoch could see a wide panorama of
lands and sea, and rivers. From a later context, the landing place can be
identified as Mount Hermon, and the 'very great sea' as the Mediterranean. The
latter would certainly contrast with Chinnereth (Galilee) - one of the lakes in the
Rift Valley of the River Jordan. The use of the term 'Space' is justifiable because
the Greek ...