Geomechanics And Fluidodynamics

Author: Victor N. Nikolaevskiy
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401587094
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This monograph is based on subsurface hydrodynamics and applied geomechanics and places them in a unifying framework.

Geomechanics Applied To The Petroleum Industry

Author: Jean-François Nauroy
Publisher: Editions TECHNIP
ISBN: 271080932X
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strain) for each mesh of the reservoir model [Boutéca, 1992]. Some simulators
nevertheless allow these parameters to vary with the reservoir fluid pressure. 3.1.
2.2 Limitations of the conventional reservoir approach The pressure, temperature
and saturation variations generated by exploitation modify the distribution of
stresses in the reservoir. The stress variations associated with reservoir
production may be extremely high in poorly consolidated reservoirs and fractured
and faulted ...

Rock Damage And Fluid Transport

Author: G. Dresen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783764377120
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When the elastic limit is exceeded, faulting is predicted, particularly near the
edge of the reservoir. Simulations have also been performed to study the
activation of a pre-existing fault near a depleting reservoir. Key words: Reservoir
geomechanics, numerical modeling, discrete element method, reservoir
compaction, surface subsidence, stress path, fault. Introduction Petroleum
reservoir depletion leads to stress alteration within and outside the reservoir.
During recent years it has ...

Numerical Analysis And Modelling In Geomechanics

Author: John W. Bull
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203471288
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Introduction This chapter is concerned with the numerical simulation of
compaction of hydrocarbon-bearing rocks, more commonly referred to as
reservoir rock. With respect to operations in the petroleum industry, rock
compaction may be defined as the reduction in overall volume of a subsurface
stratum of rock as a result of production of fluids (oil, water and gas) stored within
the pore space of the reservoir rocks. During production, both the volume of fluid
and the fluid pressure ...

Advances In Information Technology Research And Application 2011 Edition

Publisher: ScholarlyEditions
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Geomechanics Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter “In reservoir history matching
or data assimilation, dynamic data, such as production rates and pressures, are
used to constrain reservoir models and to update model parameters. As such,
even if under certain conceptualization the model parameters do not vary with
time, the estimate of such parameters may change with the available
observations and, thus, with time,” investigators in Beijing, People's Republic of
China report.