Literature And Culture At The Fin De Si Cle

Author: Talia Schaffer
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with black masks and unloaded revolvers. This interesting phenomenon, which
always occurs after the appearance of a new edition of either of the books I have
alluded to, is usually attributed to the influence of literature on the imagination.
But this is a mistake. The imagination is essentially creative, and ... We are
merely carrying out, with footnotes and unnecessary additions, the whim or fancy
or creative vision of a great novelist. I once asked a lady, who knew Thackeray
intimately, ...

Germania In Africa

Author: Joachim Warmbold
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Germany's Colonial Literature Joachim Warmbold. tropics. ... "Very picturesquely
dressed,"125 their appearance ensures that the "splendor of the Tales of a
Thousand and One Nights," '26 so important to fin-de-siecle tastes, is given
proper representation. They too ... Without the slightest sense of shame, this pale,
pompous, blue- blooded society uses that very light which was supposed to be
shone on the "Dark Continent" to illuminate their own imagined grandeur -
demonstrating ...

The Victorian Literature Handbook

Author: Alexandra Warwick
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
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Chapter 6, 'The Genealogy of the Myth of the "Dark Continent'", considers how
that myth fed into a larger discourse about empire and constituted a projection of '
the darkest impulses' of Europeans onto Africa. ... popular topic from the
publication of Sir George Trevelyan's epic entitled Cawnpore (1865) and George
Lawrence's Maurice Bering (1864), to G. A. Henty's two novels for adolescent
readers and fin-de-siecle productions by Henry Merriman, Hume Nisbet and
Flora Annie Steel.

The Publishers Circular And Booksellers Record Of British And Foreign Literature

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A good deal of human nature does not show up very well in these two volumes,
but then that is rather the way of poor human nature— fin de siecle. ... We have
scheming gamblers, who succeed in getting Sir Hubert de Rasleigh into ... At a
time when Africa and the Africans, from Egypt to Cape Town and from the Gold
Coast to Zanzibar, are subjects of discussion among English people, a book
connected in any way with the Dark Continent can scarcely fail to be of some

Decadence And Danger

Author: Tracey Hill
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Writing, History and the Fin de Siècle Tracey Hill. 4 Queer ... For long either
ignored or dismissed by modern critics as an above-average practitioner of
adventure stories, Haggard's writing, and notably his core fiction of the 1880s,
has in recent years been subjected to a major process of scrutiny and re-
evaluation. ... Located in and moving between rural England and black Africa, the
'Dark Continent' of the Victorian imagination, these books were more than just
adventure stories.

Writing And Africa

Author: Mpalive-Hangson Msiska
Publisher: Longman Pub Group
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The Black Presence in English Literature (Manchester, 1985); Patrick Brantlinger,
Rule of Darkness: British Literature and Imperialism 1830-1914 (Ithaca, NY, 1988
); Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar, No Man's Land, vol. 2: Sexchanges (New
Haven, CT, 1989); Elaine Showalter, Sexual Anarchy: Gender and Culture at the
Fin de Siecle (London, 1992) and Rebecca Stott, The Fabrication of the Late
Victorian Femme Fatale (London, 1992). Other significant works include: Norman

Literary Monographs

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And yet what he wants to understand most is fear— fear of the infinite, of
disappearance into time and space, of memory that both identifies and fragments
the self, of inner, isolated space where identity is reflected in the dark mirror of
death, into which he gazes, trying to understand both his fear and his ... Some
have been amused, and rightly so, that the English Opium-Eater should be
associated on the Continent with the likes of Beardsley or Huys- mans, as if he
were a fin de siecle ...

The Spectator

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The scheme is a promising one, and we are glad to think that Mr. Churton Collins,
who is a real scholar and does not imagine that literature and history are rigidly
divided into ancient and modern, should have interested himself in it. We do not
suppose the Home Beading Union will ... Greenwood's " Britain ' Fin de Siecle ' "
is full of clever things, and hits a great many nails on the head, only, unfortunately
, they are usually not the right ones. Of course he is intensely pessimistic, though