First Place

Author: Carole Lewis
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This desire was to establish a Christ-centered weight-control program. The basic
question that initiated the search for such a program was, "Since God has saved
us from our sins and given us abundant life, why can't we, as Christians, use that
same power in the area of weight control?" With that question in mind, they
decided to develop a program that would meet the needs of Christians in the
area of weight control. Little did they know what they were undertaking! It was an
immense ...

Western Christian Advocate

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Methodist Episcopal Church. Campus of Northwestern University. For bulletin
with views write. Recent Book Reviews Winning the World for Christ. A Study in
Dynamics. Bishop W. R. Lambuth. Revell & Co., New York. Price, $1.25. This
book presents a series of lectures given under the Cole Lectureship of Vanderbilt
University by ... There is abundance of information as to mission fields and their
opportunities. The bishop rightly seeks a new inspiration to meet these great

Young Men

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Neither can he take time to read many books or wade through the manifold
literature of the day. He must adopt some rule of life which is at once consistent
with the demands of his work on his time and his own intellectual need. Three
lines of study he will find of great advantage in his intellectual life: 1. The study of
the word of God in the regular course of his work. No book equals the Bible in its
power to give to the student intellectual discipline and power. The record of the
lives of the ...

Association Men

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Are you accustomed to plan your day wisely? 19. Do you try to make calm
rational judgments? 20. Do ybu try to learn all that you can from anyone you meet
? 21. Do you daydream a great deal? 22. Do you when you read a book, let the
author carry you away with his presentation of his ideas or narrative? 2J. Do you
have tantrums? 24. Do you try to control your passions? 25. Can you be trusted
with other people's secrets? A PERFECT score means that you are a nearly
normal person ...

Sunday School Times

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The books of the Bible are regarded as sources, but only when the results of
modern criticism have been weighed, while the progress in revelation has been
constantly recognized and the historical factors given due consideration. Hence
the book will awaken ... The fact that these Gospels devote so great a
proportionate space to the closing weeks of our Lord's life, makes against every
view of them that fails to give prominence to the redemptive work of Christ. From
the history as ...

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
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The Epworth Herald

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Two or three titles suggest this: "Relation of Social Life to Spiritual Influence," "
Successful Bible Study," Soul-winning by the League." Mrs. M. H. Simmons of ...
That is all that needs to be said for this man with his great theme — "America for
Christ." Dr. Satterfield, invited ... of abundance. Dr. Fred Wright with his Station
Plan was at home in his old territory, met many old friends, and made many new
ones for himself, for his great plan, and for "The Dago at Home" by his happy

Wisconsin Congregational Church Life

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I ask your attention to three: 1. Easter occurs this year on April 20th. Almost all of
our pastors use the lenten period or conducting a training class of young peole in
preparation for decisions for the Chrisian life and for church membership. It has
een proven that no other agency of the church an do this work so well as can the
training lass. In this the young people are taught how 0 decide for Christ, what it
means to decide, ind what it means to live the Christian life, nd a decision is

The Outlook

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De Quincey was a thousand times right when he said that one has to read a
thousand books in order to find out that it was unnecessary to read more than
one of them. In contrast to these ... There is a delightful abundance of ... Dr. Dale's
study of our Lord's sayings recorded at the beginning of the fourteenth chapter of
the Gospel according to St. John is acute, and shows profound spiritual insight,
and an unusual knowledge of the human heart in all its moods and experiences.
About all ...

Herald Of Gospel Liberty

Author: Elias Smith
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The world has never known the time when the funds to relieve human suffering
and to drive away heathen darkness was so great and so much needed as to-day
, and can it be that our Christ would turn away from all of this suffering and death,
both ... This clearly indicates that the whole Bible is the product of One Mind, and
this very decidedly indicates that all of the books were equally inspired by that
One Mind, as otherwise no unity could have been maintained throughout the