War Religion And Service

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References below are, unless otherwise stated, from the same author's
Protestant Exiles from France in the Reign of Louis XIV (3 vols, London, 1871;
second edition) which contains a revised version of the former. 3 Private and
Original Correspondence of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, ed. W. Coxe (
London, 1821); C. Weiss, History of the French Protestant Refugees (2 vols,
Edinburgh, 1854). 4 Agnew, Protestant Exiles from France, vol. 2, p. 149. 5 J.
Macky, Memoirs of the ...

The Decline Of The Age Of Louis Xiv

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See D. C. A Agnew, Protestant exiles from France in the reign of Louis XIV, 3 vols
. 1871, II, 140 ff.; Bourgeois and André, op. cit. I, No. 488. 1 An English translation
of the Six Voyages, by John Phillips, Milton's nephew, was published in 1677 and
often reprinted. See Bourgeois and Andre", op. cit. I, No. 462, and also for
bibliography V. Ball, Travels in India by f.-B. Tavernier, 2nd ed. (by W. Crooke),
1925, I, pp. ix ff. Tavernier's work was rather severely criticised soon after its
appearance ...

The History Of Protestantism

Author: James Aitken Wylie
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3225 Voltaire, Age of Louis XIV, vol. i., p. 73; Glas., 1753. 3226 Agnew, Protestant
Exiles from France in the Reign of Louis XIV., vol. i., p. 94 (a work of great
research). 3227 See Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme
Français; Deuxième année; p. 167 et seq.; Paris, 1854. 3228 Weiss says the
22nd of October. It was probably signed on the 18th and published on the 22nd
of October. 3229 Elie Benoit, Histoire de L'Edit de Nantes, tom. iv., livr. xvii., xviii.;
Delft, 1695.

The Persecution Of Huguenots And French Economic Development 1680 1720

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The Venetian ambassador at Paris reported in 1688 that France had 1.6 million
Protestants in her total population of 15 million (Henry Austen Layard, "The
Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Illustrated from State Papers in the Archives of
Venice," Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London [hereinafter cited as
PHSL], II [1887-1888], 149). Among those writing in the nineteenth and twentieth
centuries, David C. A. Agnew (Protestant Exiles from France in the Reign of Louis
XIV [2d ...

Protestant Cosmopolitanism And Diplomatic Culture

Author: Daniel Riches
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David C.A. Agnew, Protestant Exiles From France in the Reign of Louis XIV, or,
the Huguenot refugees and their descendants in Great Britain and Ireland, vol. 2,
2nd ed. (London: Reeves & Turner; Edinburgh: William Paterson, 1871), 77–80,
315; Kemble (ed.), State Papers and Correspondence, 2. Falaiseau's longest and
most detailed autobiographical descriptions can be found in GStA PK, I. HA, Rep.
11, Nr. 240e Spanien, fasc. 8. 15 See Suzanne Stelling-Michaud (ed.), Le Livre ...

Huguenot Networks 1560 1780

Author: Vivienne Larminie
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Agnew, David Carnegie A. Protestant Exiles from France, Chiefly in the Reign of
Louis XIV. 3rd ed. 2 vols. [Edinburgh], 1886. Carter, Alice C. “Financial Activities
of the Huguenots in London and Amsterdam in the Mid 18th Century.”
Proceedings of the Huguenot Society 19 (1952–1958): 313–33. ———. “The
Huguenot Contribution to the Early Years of the Funded Debt, 1694–1712.”
Proceedings of the Huguenot Society 19 (1952–1958): 21–41. Cox, Janice V., ed
. The Travels of ...