Pro Sumer Power

Author: Bill Quain
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Smart Grid R Evolution

Author: Jennie C. Stephens
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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And the ongoing struggle between Xcel and Boulder has led to other
conversations about the role of communities in power system management and
new initiatives (Cardwell 2013; Xcel Energy 2014). The original Pecan Street ...
when it came to electricity. With the advent of smart microgrids it has strategically
embraced the role of prosumer, including a reimagination of what services and
tactical advantages the electric grid can and should provide (Perera 2012).
These initiatives ...

3d Printing For Development In The Global South

Author: T. Birtchnell
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137365668
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35 Ramos (2013) 'The Future of Power in the Network Era'. 36 Birtchnell and Urry
(2014) 'The Mobilities and PostMobilities of Cargo'. 37 Ritzer and Jurgenson (
2010) 'Production, Consumption, Prosumption: The Natureof Capitalism in
theAge of the Digital “Prosumer”': 32. 38 Kostakis (2013)'AttheTurning Pointofthe
Current TechnoEconomic Paradigm: CommonsBased Peer Production, Desktop
Manufacturing and the Roleof Civil Society inthe Perezian Framework': 181. 39
Beerand ...

Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce Designing Trading Strategies And Mechanisms For Electronic Markets

Author: Esther David
Publisher: Springer
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DAs are a particularly interesting case of dynamics for Computer and Economics
scientists, since product prices and demand/response may fluctuate in an
unpredictable manner, thus giving room for research. Power TAC, initially
launched in 2011 [8], provides a powerful competition benchmark of applying
DAs' theory to real-life problems. It simulates a modern energy market, where
producer, consumer and prosumer needs of electrical power are modeled.
Competing agents act as ...

Frameworks Of It Prosumption For Business Development

Author: Pa?kowska, Ma?gorzata
Publisher: IGI Global
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Retrieved February 3, 2013, from http://www.
REMOTEInverter-GP-SW1500/dp/B00153CXHE/ref=sr _1_1?s=electronics&ie=
UTF8&qid=13601663 26&sr=1-1&keywords=GP-SW1500+12 Anonymous. (2001
). Careers in undergraduate technical communications. Retrieved January 8,
2013, from Konczal, J. (2013
). Identifying, knowing and retaining your customers: the prosumer: A sterling
commerce ...

Power And Communication

Author: Silvia Leonzi
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443884391
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Patelis, K. (2013) Political Economy and Monopoly Abstractions: What Social
Media Demand, pp. 117-126 in G. Lovink and M. Rasch (eds), Social Media
Monopolies and their Alternatives, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.
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2010/07/29/juan-martin-pradaeconomies-of-affectivity/ Rifkin, J. (2000) The Age
of Access, New York: Putnam. Ritzer, G. (2010) “Focusing on the Prosumer. On
Correcting an Error ...

Smart Grid As A Solution For Renewable And Efficient Energy

Author: Ahmad, Ayaz
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522500731
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Chenrui, J., Ghosh, P., & Xiang, S. (2013). Energy efficient algorithms for Electric
Vehicle charging with intermittent renewable energy sources. In Proceedings of
Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PES). IEEE. doi:10.1109/PESMG.
2013.6672568 Dong, Z., & Shuhui, L. (2014). Developing smart and real-time
demand response mechanism for residential energy consumers. In Power
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Privacy And Capitalism In The Age Of Social Media

Author: Sebastian Sevignani
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131738038X
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Facebook makes use of money power to develop aesthetical and technological
innovations in order to attract users. ... Rent approaches are usually, in contrast to
productive prosumer labour approaches, either wage labour centred and
therefore in opposition to Internet prosumer labour that is free labour (Foley 2013,
4; Lebowitz 1986; 170; Maxwell 1991, 39, 41) or they do not theorise online
prosumer activity as labour at all (Bolin 2009; Jin and Feenberg 2015; Robinson
2015, 47).

Energy Efficiency

Author: Fereidoon P. Sioshansi
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0123978874
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Prosumer: Netherland's. PowerMatching. City. Shows. The. Way. Stefanie
Kesting and Frits Bliek DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, the Netherlands 1
INTRODUCTION 1.1 Global Energy Trends The United Nations estimates that the
world population will grow to ... As a result, demand for network capacity and
power production will increase, requiring extensive investment in the
transmission and distribution networks if these networks continue to be extended
in a “traditional way.

Software Engineering For Collective Autonomic Systems

Author: Martin Wirsing
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319163108
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In the proposed approach, each prosumer is neutral in the sense that it
essentially neither consumes nor produces energy, as it can only sell in the
power market the energy previously bought and stored. ... It depends essentially
on three parameters: (i) the free market power cost, which can exhibit high or low
variance: for this we chose real data from the day ahead market prices of
Switzerland (date: March 9, 2013) [2] and Italy (date: June 18, 2013) [3]
respectively; (ii) the prosumers ...