One Shot

Author: John Leary
ISBN: 9780998784502
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There is a constant pressure to trade more forests for food. ONE Shot: Trees as Our Last Chance for Survival provides a compelling look at the state of the world's agriculture and its evolving impact on people and the environment.

Beyond The Cabbage Tree

Author: Noel Kinvig
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449015751
Size: 44.41 MB
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last stages of survival being treated for malnutrition. ... was no time, or facilities for
intravenous feeding, only children who could take food by mouth were admitted,
and the ones who were admitted and found not able hold their food down, were
turned out so as others with more chance of survival could be taken in. ... I have a
message from my father, he does not like aero planes, and told me to tell you, if
you are not gone within fifteen minutes, he will be down here with his shot gun.

The Czar S Last Soldier

Author: Jacques Evans
Publisher: Jacques Evans
ISBN: 145230727X
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As we didn't have any stationary, I scrounged a pad and a stapler from the
medics. I told the troops our chances of getting reinforced and resupplied were
slim and this might be their last letter. As far as Iknow, everyone wrote a letter. "
Shortly after that it really hit the fan. We were under constant artillery
bombardment and periodic air attacks. The shells came in so fast and close
together that nothing above ground could survive the shelling. We were
hunkered down in our holes. The Jap ...

I Remember Pb

Author: rich browne
ISBN: 1105986691
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I remember correcting the lieutenant when he mislaid the mortars at one firing
point by illustrating with our maps how, when looking down the axis of the gun
from behind, it pointed to the right of a creek at a grove of trees (indicated on the
map) that was ... My philosophy basically was that even if we soldiers basically
were cannon-fodder, if we were trained properly and knew our stuff, then there
was a slight chance that we might survive our first and subsequent (assuming
there were ...

A Country Pillow Book

Author: David Kavanagh
Publisher: Dram Books
ISBN: 0954856716
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Surrey. by rangers from the Surrey Wildlife l'wstv The silvenstuddecl blue was
once common across the UK but, like many butterflies, has declined dramatically
over the last 30 years. it is now very rare and has become confirm} to small.
fragmented healhland areas. "Silver-studded blues are a sedentary species and
only travel an average ol an metres in their litetime. Just 1km is their maximum,"
explained a Trust spokesman. "Barriers such as pine trees can stop them moving
from one ...

Living With Darwin

Author: Philip Kitcher
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199724994
Size: 44.98 MB
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In Living With Darwin, Philip Kitcher stokes the flames swirling around Darwin's theory, sifting through the scientific evidence for evolution, Creation Science, and Intelligent Design, and revealing why evolution has been the object of ...

Boys Life

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AT LAST- Your entire Scout History can be recorded in ONE BOOK • 16 large
pages (tl inches x 15 inches). Done in ten colors. ... W. Box 2020 Norfolk, Virginia
Today wherever the flying might he rough, wherever a downed pilot might face
death, on the desert, in the jungle or in the mountain peaks, there is a team of
parachuting rescue and survival specialists standing by only hours away. The
teams belong ... "More chance of being hit by lightning than of getting snake bites
! 'Safact." A ...

One Shot One Kill

Author: Charles W. Sasser
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439137129
Size: 47.40 MB
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One Shot-One Kill is their powerful record of desperate trials and proud victories. A MAIN SELECTION OF THE MILITARY BOOK CLUB

Surviving The Angel Of Death

Author: Eva Kor
Publisher: Tanglewood Press
ISBN: 1933718579
Size: 20.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Describes the life of Eva Mozes and her twin sister Miriam as they were interred at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust, where Dr. Josef Mengele performed sadistic medical experiments on them until their release.

Field Stream

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Our Price #750 1.75X18mm CH 29.95 13.95 MOUNTING ACCESSORIES-
TASCO Bridge Mount Base $1.00 Side Mount Base 1.00 Pistol Scope Base 1.00
Target Bases 6.00 Side Mount 4.00 Swing Mount 6.00 Ring Mts. — Reg. High-22
2.50 pr. You Must Specify Makt, Model, and Calibor of 6m SCOPE GUIDE
COLLIMATOR #29 fits all calibers. 22-.45. Provides the shooter with the
capability to zero-in his rifle without firing a shot. $9.95 value . . . $5.00 FIXED