Safety Design For Space Operations

Author: Tommaso Sgobba
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Orbital Operations Safety Tommaso Sgobba, Firooz A. Allahdadi. • Thrust level
and thrust direction errors: These errors can be reduced by particular calibration
maneuvers at the beginning of the mission. • Thrust duration errors: Duration of
thrust depends on the thrust level available and on the boost to be achieved.
Errors can be kept very low, when controlled by the clock of the onboard system. •
Start time errors: Start time of thrusts can be calculated either on board or on

Safety Design For Space Operations

Author: Firooz Allahdadi
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Considering the fault tolerance requirements stated in the section “Safety
Requirements for Rendezvous Missions”, the question is: How must the onboard
control system be designed to ensure the required level of safety for approach/
departure? The onboard control system (in automatic RVD, which is the more
comprehensive case and which will be discussed hereafter) consists of the data
management system (computers, operation system software (S/W), data busses),
the guidance, ...

Space Safety And Human Performance

Author: Barbara G. Kanki
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
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Then, the launcher trajectory is tracked by ground radars and on board
navigation sensors (e.g., GPS), independent from those used for navigation. RSV
and RSV-A have the same type of displays but receiving data from different
localization means. The safety room is organized to ensure, as far as possible,
that safety team actions are correct and timely. Robust launcher and ground
facilities failure diagnostics, and structured decision making process are critical
elements to prevent ...

Probabilistic Safety Assessment And Management

Author: Cornelia Spitzer
Publisher: Springer
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Arguments for this solution may be fewer employees onboard and possibly
savings due to this, larger purchases by the land organisation, more transparent
organisations, more unified administration in a company, etc. Consequences for
the ICT maintenance systems are that more procedures will be standardized and
more of the coordination left to the onshore organisation. Fewer decisions are left
to the crew onboard and hence the need for information onboard is smaller.
Selecting ...

Future Truck And Bus Safety Research Opportunities

Publisher: Transportation Research Board
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Clearly, some new form of government and private- sector partnership will need
to provide an infrastructure that will ensure and track the proper performance of
CMV safety systems, both within fleets and by enforcement agencies. Although
new onboard diagnostic technologies will have been introduced to assist the
driver, roadside inspector, and fleet safety manager in assessing CMV
compliance with safety regulations, each technology may require a different
approach. Research ...

Safety Of Tourist Submersibles

Publisher: National Academies
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Center of gravity That point in an object around which its weight is evenly
distributed or balanced (i.e., the mathematical summation of the center of weight
of every component aboard a vessel). Certificate of Inspection (COI) A certificate
issued by the U.S. Coast Guard that certifies a vessel has been inspected and
satisfies safety requirements for the hull and required onboard operating and
safety equipment. A COI for small passenger vessels less than 65 feet long is
valid for 3 years.

Air Pollution Control Law

Author: Arnold W. Reitze
Publisher: Environmental Law Institute
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The automobile industry received the support of the DOT, through the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which raised safety issues
concerning fires that might be caused by fuel vapors stored onboard vehicles.557
The Bush administration also acted to prevent onboard controls from being
required.558 However, on August 19,1 987, EPA published a proposal to require
onboard canister systems for gasoline-powered motor vehicles, seeking
comment on ...