Mountains For Mortals New England

Author: Ron Chase
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
ISBN: 0897327845
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Although New England contains three of the four most densely populated states in the country, there are still numerous natural sites to be explored in this beautiful area, and this detailed guide catalogs the most unique and scenic ...

New England A Handbook For Travellers

Author: Moses Foster Sweetser
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A Guide to the Chief Cities and Popular Resorts of New England, and to Its
Scenery and Historic Attractions; with the Western and Northern Borders from
New York to Quebec Moses Foster Sweetser. Eiver, running far S. to flank
Arthur's scat, which looms up on the r., while the Deerfield Hills and Pocomtuck
Rock are across the valley, to the 1. Rising on higher grades noble views are
given to the 1., including the peaceful valley, the dark mountain-walls, and the
white hamlet of ...

The New England Farmer

Author: Samuel W. Cole
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Then the mountains and vales poured forth their hardy sonp, seeking distant
markets for the products of their summer's toil. Lines of box sleighs filled with beef
, pork, mutton and venison, cheese, butter, and honey, were impelled by fleet and
powerful horses, skimming the plains and threading the valleys and presenting a
most animating scene. There were taverns in those days ; and in the cheerful
light of their log-fires, after night had set in, gathered the hardy sons of the

All Mortal Flesh

Author: Julia Spencer-Fleming
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 142992585X
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He drove through the outskirts of town, into the farmland that rolled higher and
higher out of the east, until it crashed against the mountains in the west. The sky
was thicker now, the icepale cloud cover turning leaden. He realized he hadn't
listened to the news or caught a weather report ... New England was celebrating
the Patriots making it to the Super Bowl. The North Country could expect a slowly
developing storm to drop another four to six inches of snow within the next
twentyfour ...

The New England Magazine

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The hunter believed his misfortunes were due to the wrath of Pomola, incensed
that a mortal had dared to so closely approach Katahdin. But in the author of the
calamity seemed the only chance of the Indian's salvation, so that, one day
observing a great smoke rising from the top of the mountain, the hunter in his
desperation called loudly on Pomola for assistance. The supplication was
answered in a prompt and rather alarming manner for hardly had the hunter
ceased speaking when ...

Northwood A Tale Of New England

Author: Sarah Josepha Buell Hale
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... them; and the bold summits of the far off mountains shone like molten gold,
while the blue mists already gathering around their sides, were softened in the
distance till they resembled fine veils, spread to conceal the recesses in the dark
cliffs from the intrusion of mortal eye. The air was perfectly still, and a calm
seemed reigning over all nature; and - - - - - --- - -------------- ---------- - - * o though
from the adjacent, thickets the voices, of a No RTHwood. 16i -------- ...

The New English Drama

Author: William Oxberry
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Small is the skill my lord delights to praise In him he favours.-Hear from whence it
came. Beneath a mountain's brow, the most remote And inaccessible by
shepherds trod, In a deep cave dug by no mortal hand, . A hermit liv'd ; a
melancholy man, Who was the wonder of our wand'ring swains. Austere and
lonely, cruel to himself, Did they report him; the cold earth his bed, Water his drink
, his food the shepherd's alms. I went to see him, and my heart was touch'd With
reverence and pity, ...

The New English Drama With Prefatory Remarks Biographical Sketches And Notes Critical And Explanatory

Author: William Oxberry
Size: 50.71 MB
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Where didst thow learn sotto discourse of was, And in such terms, as I' o'erheard
to-d'ay? War is no village science, nor its phrase A language taught amongst the
shepherd swains. Norm Small is the'skill' my lord' delights to praise Im him hev
favours—Hear from whence it came. Beneath a mountain's brow, the most
remote And inaccessible by shepherds trod, In a deep cave dug by no mortal-
hand, I A hermit liv'd ; amelancholy man, Whozwas the wonder of our wand'ring

New England Legends And Folk Lore

Author: Samuel Adams Drake
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MOUNTAINS. THE. GREAT. CARBUNCLE. AS is well known, these commanding
landmarks of New England very early received the highly poetic designation of "
The Crystal Hills," in consequence of marvellous tales told by the Indians
concerning the mineral treasures they hoarded, treasures of such amazing
richness as to flash their dazzling rays afar by night, as well as ... It is true that the
Indians did not hesitate to declare that no mortal hand could hope to grasp the
great firestone.