A Different Drummer

Author: Herb Wasserman
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595147267
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The draft got me. I had been ordered down to the Grand Central terminal building
to take a physical exam prior to induction into the armed forces. The evening
before I had to report, I had a little gig in a high school gym. Just a trio and, I
remember, Moe Wechsler was playing piano. There was some kid named Gary
there who kept bugging me to “sit in” on drums and I turned him down, but he
kept begging and pleading. I felt rotten but I explained to him, “Look, tomorrow I'm
being ...

The Drummer S Almanac

Author: Jon Cohan
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 0793566967
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He had a band (I was two or three years old at the time), and the drummer in his
band, Mike Satterfield, was really cool-beret and all that. I used to watch him.
Then my dad took me to see a Buddy Rich concert, and that totally blew me away
. That got me started-planted the whole seed. My dad's thing, being a musician,
was to expose his kids to music, and I'm glad he did. From there I got into different
drummers, and by doing that learned about different musicians: sax players,
guitar ...

The World Calls Me Sex Offender

Author: James Clagen
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1425935958
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Rob told me that if I took any time off, he was going to have to find a new
drummer. I told him I was going to have my drums packed in my car, and that I
would be ready to play the next show. He didn't accept that and told me he was
going to get a different drummer to play the rest of the shows. It was a few weeks
until our next show, andI didn't believe Rob was serious about getting a new
drummer. I called him the day of the show and told him I was ready to play. He
told me not to ...

The Drummer Or The Haunted House Etc The Preface Signed Richard Steele

Author: Joseph Addison
Size: 22.35 MB
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Give me but poffeffion of your person, and I'll whirl you up to town for a winter,
and cure you at once. Oh! I have known many a country lady come to London
with frightful stories of the hall-house being haunted, of fairies, spirits, and
witches; that by the time she had feen a comedy, play'd at an affembly, and
ambled in a ball or two, has been so little afraid of bugbears, that she has ventur'
d home in a chair at all hours of the night. Abig. Hum–sauce box. [afide. Tint. "Tis
the folitude of the ...

The Drummer Etc

Author: Joseph Addison
Size: 70.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Ev'n as one Wedge driveth out another he, he, he! you must pardon me for being
jocular. Sir G. Was there ever such a provoking Blockhead? but he means me
well-Well, I must have satisfaction of this Traitor Fa'mmre i and cannot take a
more proper one than by turning him out os my House, in a manner that shall
throw Shame upon him, and make him ridiculous as long as he lives -Youvmust
remember, 751.. horn, you have abundance of Business upon your hands, and I
have but ...

The Drummer S Time

Author: Rick Mattingly
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9780634001468
Size: 71.13 MB
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So my grandmother made my mother and all of my aunts take piano. and likewise
, they made all their children take piano. l looked at all the instruments and said, "
The drums are what I want." I didn't want to play the piano, although I used to
have to take lessons. But I shied away from them because I wanted to play drums
. RM: Who were the drummers you learned from in Philadelphia? PJJ: The first
guy that started me was James "Coatsville" Harris. We called him that because
he ...

It Ain T Rock Roll The Biography Of Drummer John Kerrison

Author: Robin E. Hill
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1326622080
Size: 26.83 MB
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I got a phone call from a guy called Martin who asked me “We need a drummer,
do you play with balls?” to which I replied “I'll come down and you can hear me”...
I had to explain about the wheelchair after I got there. (John Kerrison) It
happened the same way that it always used to happen, just like back in the
sixties. A band needed a drummer and somebody, probably someone in a West
London music shop, recommended John Kerrison. However, it was now 1988
and John had not ...

The Drummer

Author: Joseph Addison
Size: 20.34 MB
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I protest these fellows melt me—I think the time long till I am their master again,
that I may be kind to them. [Aside. Bnter V E L LUM. Wel. Have you provided the
doćtor every thing he has occasion for?—If so—you may depart. [Exeunt
Servants. Sir Geo. I can, as yet, see no hurt in my wife's behaviour; but still have
some certain pangs and doubts, that are natural to the heart of a fond man, “I
must take the advantage of my disguise, to be “ thoroughly satisfied. It would
neither be for her ...

I Drum Therefore I Am

Author: Dr Gareth Dylan Smith
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409473082
Size: 50.94 MB
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Drummers would be almost certainto recognize this (asI did),as would many
fansor playersof popular music;the symbol was chosen by John Bonham,
drummerof Led Zeppelin,to representhim onthe sleeve ofthe band'sfourth (
untitled) album (Led Zeppelin 1971).The tattoo wasinitially out of sight, soit is
possible thatLuke wouldnothave shown thisto me had hethought ofmeas
anobjective researcher and an outsiderto thegroup. By deliberately uncovering
thissymbol, Luke aligned ...

The Dance Claimed Me

Author: Peggy Schwartz
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300155344
Size: 25.78 MB
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I'll give you these drums.' “When people ask me, 'How did you become a
drummer?' I say, 'There was a dancer named Pearl Primus. She taught me how to
play the drums when I was seven or eight years old.”' Pearl gave Fred the set of
drums and said, “Those are yours. Take them home and never stop playing them.
” “That's the kind of lady she was. She said that. 'Never stop playing those drums.'
” In 1944 Pearl appeared at benefits for Wo-Chi-Ca, and on January 14, 1946,
she was ...