Mama Poc

Author: Anne LaBastille
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393308006
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This is the story of her life in Guatemala, observing the birds and working to reclaim their habitat and--against odds that turned out to be overwhelming--give them a future.

Lost Animals

Author: Errol Fuller
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408160021
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Perhaps just as extraordinary as any of these things is the fact that the final years
of its destruction were chronicled in the most intense detail by a fanatically
dedicated woman named Anne LaBastille (1935–2011). In numerous magazine
articles and papers in learned journals she recounted the story of her attempts to
save the birds from disaster, and pleaded for help with her efforts. Finally, when
all was lost, she wrote a highly personal book. Called Mama Poc (poc being the
sound ...

Voices For The Earth

Author: Daniel D. Chiras
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Mama. Poc. An. Ecolocist's. Account. of. an. Extraordinary. Extinction. Anne
LaBastille made her book writing debut in 1978 with the publication of
Woodswoman. A riveting tale of life on the shores of a remote wilderness lake in
the Adirondack Mountains, Woodswoman recounts the hardships the author
endured living in solitude close to the land as well as the many joys of a simple
existence. It details her love of nature that has inspired a stellar career. Whether
fighting to protect the ...

American Writers

Author: Leonard Unger
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IV Part 1: 345, 348351 “Mama and Daughter" (Hughes), Supp. I Part 1: 334
Mama Day (Naylor), Supp. VIH: 223226, 230 Mama Poc: An EcoIogist's Account
of the Extinction of a Species (LaBastille), Supp. X: 99, 104-105, 106 “Mama Still
Loves You" (Naylor), Supp. VIII: 214 Mambo Hips and Make Believe (Coleman),
Supp. XI: 94-96 Mambo Kings, The (film), Supp. VIII: 73. 74 Mambo Kings Play
Songs of Love, The (Hijuelos), Supp. VIII: 73-74, 79-82 “Ma'me Pélagie" (Chopin)
, Retro.

American Writers Supplement

Author: Leonard Unger
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Knowledge of shared commitments has given LaBastille and many other women
with similar professions or lifestyles courage to assert their rights and to demand
equality with males in all dimensions of their lives. MAMA POC Mama Poc: An
Ecologist's Account of the Extinction of a Species is a compelling saga of
LaBastille's two-decade commitment to understanding and protecting the giant
pied-billed grebe, a flightless bird whose habitat was limited to the waters of
Guatemala's ...

The Book Buyer S Advisor

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Well known for her experiences in the Adiron- dacks, as chronicled in her popular
Woodswoman andBeyond Black Bear Lake, LaBastille has a second identity:
Guatemala's Mama Poc, protector of a unique flightless water fowl, the giant
grebe, or poc. LaBastille first noticed the birds on a trip to volcano-ringed Lake
Atitlan in 1960. She returned five years later, ostensibly for a month or so, to
photograph the birds and write an article, but ended up spending over 20 years
studying pocs ...

Wild Earth

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... to spend a summer's night with only the sound of a loon's tremolo on a silent
lake. And to walk through the flaming leaves in late September. And to lie for a
moment at midnight on an icebound lake, wondering at the aurora borealis, and
hear nothing but the trees cracking in the cold. l fear the gift of silence will
become precious and rare as we enter the 21st century. I Anne LaBastille is a
wilderness guide, biologist, and author living in the Adirondacks. Her books
include Mama Poc, ...

El Quetzal

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issue is July 5.


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The Monthly Magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. Part-time warden
Edgar Bauer and Anne LaBastille discuss tactics in 1969, in the early days of
Operation Protection Poc "Every year, and sometimes twice a year, the lake
suddenly. LAKES Far left: in 1970 giant grebes were featured on stamps in an
effort to raise awareness of their plight. Bottom left: the Maya harvest reeds to
weave mats. Unfortunately, this is where the grebes nest (left) Mama and the pato
pocs Of the 22 full ...