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To the Editors of the Annals and Magazine of Natural History. Gentlemen,- — I
am not aware whether the following practical hint on the preservation of natural-
history objects in glycerine is kuown or not; but, taking the risk of its being known,
as it is a useful one, I send it for insertion in the ' Annals ' if it be worth anything.
The specimens are to be soaked thoroughly for some days in tho glycerine, the
glycerine is then to be poured off, all but some five or six drops, and the bottle is
to be ...

The Annals And Magazine Of Natural History

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8vo. 30 plates, 7s 6d . 1767 S3 PICTIONNAIKE Raisonne et Universel des
Animaux, ou le Ritfrne Animal, consis- tant en Quailrupedes, Catacees, Oiseaux,
Reptiles, Poissons, Insectes, Vers, Zoophytes, ou Plantes Animales, Linnseus,
Klein et Brisson, 4 vols. 4to. calf, (Dr. Lettsom's copy), 34s . 1759 34 DON ATI —
bssai sur I.'Histoire Naturelle dc la Mer Adriatiqne, &c. 4to. plates, 3» 1758 25
DONOVAN'S Naturalist's Repository ; or Miscellany of Exotic Natural History :
exhibiting rare ...

The Magazine Of Natural History

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I–Observations on the History and Classification of the Marsupial Quadrupeds of
New Holland. By W. OGILBY, Esq. M.A., &c. &c. - (Continued from page 137.)
WITH regard to the history and nomenclature of the marsupials, it must be
recollected, that, at the period when Linnaeus published the 12th edition of the '
Systema Naturae,' Captain Cook had not yet commenced that brilliant career of
discovery, which has since made us acquainted with the most remote parts of the
habitable ...