Lou Harrison

Author: Bill Alves
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American composer Lou Harrison (1917–2003) is perhaps best known for challenging the traditional musical establishment along with his contemporaries and close colleagues: composers John Cage, Aaron Copland, Virgil Thomson, and Leonard ...

New York

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... Concertante") Symphony No.3 for Tenor, Chorus, Orchestra ("The Song of Ihe
Night") « 0124 Preconcert discussion at 6:30 p.m. Tickets: $45/30/1 8 Charles
Ives AMERICAN MUSIC: Lou Harrison Celebration, Charles Ives He was an
insurance salesman who changed the course of American music. Maverick New
Englander Charles Ives composed hundreds of works, decades ahead of their
time, earning him the epitaph "the father of nearly everything American in
American music.

American Music

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When I replied that death was not a prerequisite, Leta E. Miller identified herself
as the biographer of Lou Harrison (b. 1917; he would die in 2003), a prolific and
renowned West Coast composer who had written some keyboard and chamber
ensemble works that, in her view, would make a fitting MUSA volume. Thus
began COPAM's first encounter with music by a living composer, an altogether
positive experience, partly because of Harrison's gracious involvement — in a
thank you ...

American Mavericks

Author: Susan Key
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Collects comments, insight, and actual performances from American composers, representing a myriad of genres and styles, who took part in the 2000 American Mavericks festival in San Francisco.

Musical America

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Other centennials included those of George Anlheil, Kurt Weill, and Louis
Armstrong, all of whom are identified with central aspects of the tradition. The San
Francisco Symphony's "American Mavericks" festival celebrated Antheil, Copland
, Charles Ives, Lou Harrison. Steve Reich, and Duke Ellington, whose works now
seem more American than maverick. Opera At last, the Metropolitan Opera found
voices for Trislan and Isolde in Ben Heppner and Jane Eaglen, and brought them
east ...

Charles Ives In The Mirror

Author: David C Paul
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In this sweeping survey of intellectual and musical history, David C. Paul tells the new story of how the music of American composer Charles Ives (1874–1954) was shaped by shifting conceptions of American identity within and outside of ...

The New Yorker

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And they shall have it, with Lee Musiker conducting as Cook and the orchestra
offer a selection of classics from the American songbook. (Avery Fisher Hall. 212-
875-5656. Jan. 8 at 7:30.) HOWARD HUGHES tat* ROBERT HUM JEAN
SIMMONS "Here and Now" series of contemporary American music concerts,
which continues with a program of major works for violin and piano — the Carter
Duo and Lou Harrison's Grand Duo — offered by the violinist Curtis Macomber, a
stalwart of ...

The Music Of Lou Harrison

Author: Heidi Von Gunden
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from 20 to 29 to sound acceptable. Again, the 17 to 20 of tones 1 and 3 affords a
lovely "soft" quality to this mode, and the whole sequence has a slightly Classic "
chromatic" sound, and a little "Bluesey" American too. The tuning of other
gamelans might not afford a fine maverick mode such as this, so that "Gending
Samuel" thus organically rises from Kyai Hudan Mas itself . . ."9 Indeed, the first
phrase of Gending Samuel's balungan is 5 7) 5 7) 5 7) 5 (4)10 which introduces
the "bluesey" ...


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I remember asking one critic in Paris why there wasn't any more American music
of an older academic serial school being done in Europe. He replied: "We have
plenty of that but we don't have you." I thought that was interesting. In America,
we do have a tradition of academic music and we also have a maverick tradition.
The mavericks were people like Charles Ives, Lou Harrison, Harry Parch— these
were people who didn't fit in neatly with the academics. John Cage, of course,
was ...