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And now to live again. 1944. 150p. Appleton, $1.75. S71.9 Left paralyzed by an
auto accident when she was a girl of sixteen, the author, who la Bruce Barton's
daughter, has now, ten years after, won her way back to partial recovery. Out of
her experience she has written, not an autobiography, but a book addressed
directly to the reader, telling what she has learned of the physical, emotional and
spiritual adjustments necessary in the process of re-education. Beautifully written,
the ...

Collected Poems 1912 1944

Author: Hilda Doolittle
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 9780811209717
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all my trivial, simple little things; kiss me; the gloom is edged with palpitant fire
where Love amazed pauses in flight to witness our desire, for this, this, this he
sees is something other, mayhap (he thinks) some potent visiting star, flaming
from aether, from the middle-space where Phoebus' horses blaze their track
towards Dawn; how far, how far, a kiss may bear us like a travelling ship; I slip out
of the borderland of consciousness, kiss me again, again. IX I live, I live, I live,
you give me ...

The Diary Of Anais Nin Volume 4 1944 1947

Author: Anaïs Nin
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547564015
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"In the army I lived like a monk. I wrote my novel." When he brings me the novel, I
am startled by the muted tone, the cool, detached words. It is writing I do not
admire. The once-frozen young man is not as lifeless as the writing. Action, no
feeling. Am I wrong to think there is a potential warmth in him? Is the writing a
disguise, a mask? Another Hemingway to come? Rather than engage in a
belligerent friendship with Edmund Wilson, I broke with him. I do not want to live
again and again ...

Jean Toomer And The Prison House Of Thought

Author: Robert B. Jones
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9780870238604
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Little Review 10 (Autumn-Winter 1924-25): 44-48. Review of The Captain's Doll (
1923), by D. H. Lawrence. Broom 5, no. 1 (August 1923): 47-54. Review of Faint
Perfume ( 1923), by Zona Gale. Broom 5, no. 2 (October 1923): 180-81. Review
of Holiday (1923), by Waldo Frank. Dial 75 (October 1923): 383-86. OTHER
F. Hummel. And Now to Live Again ( 1944), by Betsy Barren. "The Art of Poetry" (
1920), ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries New Series

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
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16, 1944; A 184398; Alexander Hamilton institute, inc., New York. 5816 Barnwell
(Mildred Telford) Years that the locust hath eaten. © Nov. 15, 1944; A 184253;
Manthorne & Burack, inc., Boston. 5817 Barrows (Marjorie) Jojo. O Oct. 20, 1944;
A 183865; Rand McNally & co., Chicago. 5818 Barton (Betsey)* New York. And
now to live again. © Oct. 27, 1944; A 183818. 5819 Baruch (Dorothy W.)* Los
Angeles. Parents can be people. © Oct. 20, 1944; A 183686. 5820 Baugher (
Ruby Dell)* ...

To Live Again A New Beginning

Author: Rhett Tyrone Massey
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1606477641
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Be sure, very sure that you have consulted the Lord and you have waited for His
answer before embarking on something that looks good but masks the hell you
will experience. We all have a choice! We can choose to live according to God's
divine will or His permissive will. Deciphering the divine might take a little effort
because it may be contrary to what we desire; but it is decipherable and
desirable. Even if the enemy shows us that doing it his way is better. The life of
Christ shows us ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries

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Oct. 6, 1944, E pub. 127725; Clint Guinand, Ozone Park, L. L., N.Y. 1364 I saw
you once; w & melody. © 1 c. Dec. 26, 1944; E unp. 402575; Esther Juanita
Boydston Price, Topeka, Kan. 1365 Ishall live again, w Julia Davis Golden, m Leo
Richard & Hector Richard. © Dec. 15, 1944; E pub. 127857, Success music co.,
Aurora, Ill. 1366 I speak Spañol; song. © 1 c. Dec. 22, 1944; E unp. 401999,
Gustavo Moreno, jr., Tampa, Fla. 1367 ! string along with a dream, song, m J.
Chas. Mcmell & I ...

Live It Again 1942

Author: Annie's
Publisher: Annie's
ISBN: 9781596352735
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Transporting readers back in time, each Live It Again title showcases rare and exclusive photos, artwork, and cartoons from the every issue of the year'sSaturday Evening Post A sentimental journey back in time with rare and exclusive images ...

We Shall Live Again

Author: Russell Thornton
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521034524
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Nash (1955 [1937]) examined the differential participation in the 1870 Ghost
Dance of the Modoc, Klamath, and Paviotso (Snake?) tribes on the Klamath
Reservation in Oregon. He found that while all three groups took part, the actual
degree of participation varied with the extent of cultural deprivation experienced
by the tribe. Differential participation in the 1890 movement has been explained
in similar ways. Both Barber (1941) and Hill (1944) discussed the lack of
participation of the ...

Dying We Live

Author: Helmut Gollwitzer
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 160608366X
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December 7, 1944 Yesterday at last I saw you and spoke with you. That was my
last great desire. I was always in apprehension that something would again
thwart our meeting. Now I have experienced this last great joy. I thank God for it,
and also for having kept you safe during the heavy air attack. How happy you
made me in that short half hour! Now I have probably seen you for the last time in
this life. The farewell was indeed very difficult for me. I marvelled at you, at the
strength with ...