Leningrad 1941 42

Author: Sergey Yarov
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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It is the point at which you cease to resemble a human being.' She is not yet on
that level, is still susceptible to beauty and capable of creating. In the entry for 7
November we find, besides self-recrimination, a poem on the siege of Leningrad
(using standard poetic diction) and a well-known quotation from Nikolai
Ostrovsky's novel How the Steel Was Tempered, to the effect that we are given
only one life and must live it with dignity. The profundity and originality of the
literary sources ...

America The Great

Author: Edward Hawkins Sisson
Publisher: Edward Sisson
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... 1942, of the principle they signed-on-to: “the right of all peoples to choose the
form of government under which they will live.” Will they not prove that they
believe what benefited them so greatly, rather than merely use it and then forget it
, when remembering and applying it proves a bit more costly than one might want
to pay, when payment is called for? Americans have proven we will pay when
payment is needed. We did it in 1917-1919, and again in 1941-1945 – to the
great benefit ...

I Would Do It Again Perhaps

Author: Simon Glustrom
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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Reflecting many years later on the “day that will live in infamy”—December 7,
1941—I find it hard to believe I was so uninformed about the international events
that led up to our declaration of war on Japan. That my country responded to a
sneak attack on our naval fleet in Pearl Harbor did not seem at all traumatic at the
time. However, when Hitler declared war on the United States four days later I
became concerned. The Nazi threat to the whole of Europe and to our own
country was a ...

7 December 1941 The Air Force Story

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morning, he did not remember seeing it again. In fact no one remembers seeing
the aircraft after it landed. At the same time this B-17 was landing, a B-18 that had
flown from the island of Molakai landed at Wheeler. It is possible that the
personnel at Wheeler mistook the B-18 for the B-17. Even Capt Brooke E. Allen, a
B-17 pilot at Hickam Field, admitted that when he first saw the B-17s arriving, he
thought they were Japanese. The Hawaiian Air Force had kept the flight from the
coast a ...

The War Christmases

Author: Stanford Beebe
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457542102
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1941-45 Stanford Beebe. I'll do what I have to but I'm no hero and I don't want you
to do anything stupid to get us both killed. Jimmy was looking dead-straight at
him, but Pikey was staring off into the snow. “I'm telling you, Pikey, snap out of it
before ... “It's eating me alive.” “I know that, but is it worth dying for?” Pikey
thought about that for two seconds. “I'm not looking to die, but the way it makes
me feel, I don't care about living. I keep thinking about her face and the way she
would do ...

The American Home Front 1941 1942

Author: Alistair Cooke
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 9781555848149
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Across the Bay Harbor, the sight of a fringe of flowers along the dunes touched off
one of those casual fantasies that spring up without warning when you are
driving silently across a strange landscape. The flower was rosemary ... And I
thought again of last night's fifteenyearolds, whose forebears must surely have
been offered the first rosemary by English soldiers who introduced it from their
native land as the rarest exotic. ... And each of them had probably hoped to live it
out. But none ...

Preachin The Blues

Author: Daniel Beaumont
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199753121
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It was never released by Paramount and was only found in 1989 on a “test disc.”
The lyrics are not as personal as “Preachin' the Blues” or “My Black Mama,” yet, “
Walking Blues” is an equally important part of House's musical legacy. The song
became a staple in his live repertoire throughout the 1930s. Indeed, he would
record it again for Alan Lomax in 1941. And due to those live performances, the
song was heard and learned by Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. Due to the ...


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I want to leave with this vast audience my deep appreciation of all that has been
said here. I endorse it with all my heart, and I renew again everything that I said in
the ten or fifteen minutes at the close of our conference six months ago, and I
renew it again today. I ask every man and woman occupying a place of
responsibility whose duty it is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to live it and to
keep the commandments of God, so that their example will teach it; and if they
cannot do it \ve ...

Phenomenology And Social Reality

Author: Maurice Natanson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401175233
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Obviously, we are again referred to acts of consciousness (different, of course,
from those of the scientific observer) through which the socio-historical subjects
and agents conceive of and interpret the society in which they live and their
respective social roles, functions, situations, and positions. In principle, the case
is not different with regard to the somatic aspect of human existence.
Undoubtedly, it is a great merit of the existentialist philosophers to have called
attention to the body ...