Lenin On The Train

Author: Catherine Merridale
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THE TIMES, THE FINANCIAL TIMES AND ECONOMIST BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2016 'Twice I missed my stop on the Tube reading this book... this is a jewel among histories' David Aaronovitch, The Times 'The suberb, funny, fascinating story of Lenin's ...


Author: Robert Service
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From Levashevo they took a train to Udelnaya and stayed overnight in the home
of Finnish factory worker Emil Kalske, who lived half a mile from the station. Next
day Lenin was given a stoker's clothes to put on, and in the evening he joined
train no. 293 driven by Hugo Jalava across the RussoFinnish border bound for
Terijoki. Accompanying him were Shotman, Rahja and a third Finn, Pekka
Parviainen. Jalava played out a charade with Rahja: 'Where are you going at
such a time?

Lenin Lives

Author: Nina Tumarkin
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So agit-trains and agit-ships moved through the countryside as representatives of
the new regime. The first of these was a train dispatched from Moscow under the
auspices of the All-Union Central Executive Committee in mid- August 1918. It
was called the Lenin Train. Bearing on its roof the slogan "Workers of the World,
Unite," it was entirely covered with frescoes depicting heroic workers and soldiers
. It was the first of several trains that went to the front laden with books, brochures,

The Russian Revolution

Author: Sean McMeekin
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We also know, from German records, that the Russian delegation “missed its
connection in Frankfurt,” necessitating a long stopover there in between trains;
that a fourth German “officer in civilian clothes” visited Lenin's train car while it
passed through Berlin; that the train stopped there for twenty hours and was
resupplied with food and fresh milk; and that this second delay later forced the
Russians to spend an entire night in a German hotel in Sassnitz, while waiting for
the next ferry to ...

Military Trains And Railways

Author: Jean-Denis Lepage
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6 Comrad Lenin. Right, top: Armored locomotive Train No. 6 Lenin. Right, middle:
Train No. 98 “Soviet Russia.” This train included a locomotive and two identical
armored artillery cars armed with a 107 mm gun (left) and one 76.2 mm Model
1902 (right) both placed in rotating turrets, and one machine gun housed in the
top turret on the roof. The inscription reads: “First Armor-Turreted Train, Soviet
Russia.” Right, bottom: Red Hurricane Train. Train No. 96 “Red Hurricane” was
built at ...


Author: Stephen Kotkin
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Vladimir Bonch-Bruevich, chairman of the government's “intelligence operations"
—a room in Smolny—used ruses to ensure Lenin's security: freight stamped “
Council of People's Commissars” was loaded in plain sight at a central
passenger station, while under cover of darkness, at a derelict depot south of
Petrograd, a train of former imperial carriages was secretly assembled. Bonch-
Bruevich sent two teams of agents unknown to each other (okhranka style) to
maintain surveillance ...

Thinking About Causes

Author: Peter K. Machamer
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Consider Lenin's famous dash in a sealed train, through Switzerland, arriving at
the Finland station in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) on April ∞∏, ∞Ω∞π (
Riasanovsky ∞ΩΩ≥, chap. ≥∂). His mission: to foment a Bolshevik revolution.
The journey was risky, especially because, despite all efforts at secrecy, it was
widely known that the government of Germany (with whom Russia was at war at
the time) backed the mission. And, indeed, Lenin was plagued with uncertainties
about both the ...