Law Professors

Author: Stephen Presser
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 1683281535
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In this unique volume Stephen Presser, a law professor for four decades, explains how his colleagues have both furthered and frustrated the American ideals that ours is a government of laws not men, and that our legal system ought to ...

Failing Law Schools

Author: Brian Z. Tamanaha
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226923614
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THE RISE IN SALARIES Throughout the twentieth century, law professors have
complained about being underpaid.43 “Law School Salaries—a Threat to Legal
Education,” was the title of a 1953 article by Homer Crotty, the chairman of the
ABA Section on Legal Education, issuing a plea for higher law professor pay.44 It
was not enough that they were paid more than other professors, he argued,
because law professors can earn more money in legal practice.45 That is the law

Professors Of The Law

Author: David Lemmings
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191542717
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172 And even if barristers had been conscientious students, the breadth of their
legal education is certainly open to doubt, in the sense of producing lawyers who
were sensitive to the social purposes of law, despite the efforts of reformers like
Blackstone. Indeed, the condition of Westminster Hall and the inns of court in the
eighteenth century implies nothing less than a cultural crisis among
conscientious and sincere professors of the law, which provoked a serious but
only partly ...


Author: Drexel University. Earle Mack School of Law
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Inaugural Addresses Delivered By The Professors Of Law In The University Of The City Of New York At The Opening Of The Law School Of That Institution

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The Law, rightly understood, is one of the noblest of the moral sciences. But to be
thus apprehended by its professors, they must study it as a science. This cannot
be done, on the methods now in use in this state, except at great disadvantage
and with much loss of time. It is only in a regular Law School, and by the aid of
competent instructors in the different branches, that the student can find
opportunity or means for the easy and thorough acquisition of the elements of
Legal Science.

Methodologies Of Legal Research

Author: Mark Van Hoecke
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847317804
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N HIS INTRODUCTORY chapter, Mark Van Hoecke identified a number of
different approaches to legal research.1 The following chapter uses an
alternative starting point in order to discuss the variety of legal research: I wonder
what would be lost if law professors disappeared from the world. One purpose of
this thought experiment is to identify for which type of legal research we really
need legal academics, or whether legal scholarship could also become part of
other social sciences ...

The Law And Higher Education A Casebook Students Professors V 2 Administration Academic Program Torts

Author: John Seiler Brubacher
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838678978
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More recently Thomas E. Blackwell has gone further and given us a treatise on
the law of higher education. With the greatly increased attention the courts are
paying to higher education in the past decade, it seems that what students now
need is a casebook in the law of higher education where they can read not just
summaries of cases but the published reports of the leading cases themselves.
To put the matter another way, the courts have become such an important factor
in shaping ...

Law In A Market Context

Author: Robin Paul Malloy
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521016551
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A discussion and comparison of the salaries of professors in various schools or
departments of major American universities provides a good example of
opportunity cost analysis. On one level, when I decide to go into law teaching I
must weigh the opportunity cost of giving up private practice to teach. I am willing
to take less pay teaching in exchange for more control over the projects I work on
and for flexibility in determining the hours and days in which I do my work. On a
second level, ...

Teaching Law

Author: Robin West
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107044537
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The Bifurcated Academy: The Practice versus the Study of Law Law professors
have long been chastised for loathing the professional practice oflaw. Unlike
colleagues in other professional schools, members of the legal academy are
neither required nor expected to maintain any connection with any aspect of
professional practice. As a consequence, law professors do not generally have
active practices on the side. For the most part, furthermore, law professors do not
routinely ...