Keeping Secrets

Author: Kasey Kizil
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Kasey Kizil. “Is that any wayto treat your son?” “The son I had turned his back on
me and married a whore.” “Mama, let's not get into that.” “I meant it Gary when I
said that our mother/son relationship is over with. Go to your father. He's a
forgiving man. Maybe he'll talk to you.” “Do we have to discuss this on the front ...
The little part ofyour life she had, you took and gave to your wife—someone she
wanted to hand-pick for you.” “She can't pick a woman for me to love.” “She
knows that, but ...

Caucasian Battlefields

Author: William Edward David Allen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110801335X
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THE KIZIL-TEPE BATTLE, 25 AUG. 165 skis on Kizil-tepe ; these, after losing half
their strength, fled in disorder towards the Ba§gedikler camp. The alarm spread
to the principal Russian camp round Kurudere and Poldervan, where the crowds
of Armenian stall-holders began to pack their goods and flee towards
Aleksandropol; and the panic infected the train personnel in the rear
cantonments. Loris Melikov with his staff took station on the Karayal hill ; he was
awaiting reports from his ...

The Defence Of India

Author: Sir Charles Metcalfe MacGregor
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Kizil Kurgan Yangi Arik Sufi Kurgan Kizil Jar 12 5.', 8.1 143 I :: :J From Gulcha the
road ascends the river of that name. 1271 Road still up Gulcha and at Yangi Arik
crosses two hanging bridges, of which the second is over the Belavli, an affluent
of the Gulcha. 136 For the first half the road is difficult and traverses a gorge, but
in the second half the gorge opens out and the road runs along the bottom, which
is covered with thick grass, with clumps of poplars in the last mile. 1503 At Sufi ...

Rodents In Desert Environments

Author: I. Prakash
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401019444
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The animals climb up the bushes, jump at them or pick up the feed materials from
the ground. The broken branches are pulled away to an open place and eaten on
the ground. The main food of P. ctenodactylus in north-western Kizil-Kum
comprise the generative organs of a large number of plants beginning with buds
and ending with seeds and fruits. According to ORLov (1957) there is
considerable individual variability in respect of choice of food, and also there are
clear seasonal ...

Bibliotheca Indica

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PACK IV. Sultan Nasir-ud-Din-U'llah, Mas'ud, the Martyr . . . 91 V. Sljihab-ud-
Daulah, Maudud, son of Mas'ud .... 95 VI. 'All, son of Mas'ud, and Muhammad,
son of Maudud, in Association .......... 97 VII. 'Abd-ur.RasJjid, son of Mabmud 98
VIII. Tughril, Al-Mal'un, or The Execrated 99 IX. Farrukh-Zad, son of Mas'ud I0O X.
Sultan ... Kizil-Arsalan, son of Mas'ud, son of Mahmud, son of Malik Shah 160 IV.
Kulij-Arsalan, son of Kizil-Arsalan ib. V. 'Izz-ud-Din, Kai-Ka-us, son of Kizil-
Arsalan .

The Russians At Merv And Herat And Their Power Of Invading India

Author: Charles Marvin
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To the south of the Oxus it proceeds to the foot of the Hindoo Koosh, and
traverses that colossal range by a pack-road, up which a conveyance can only
crawl by the greatest exertion. "Between these two roads passes another
intermediate one, running from Krasnovodsk to Kizil Arvat, Geok Tep6, Askabad,
and Herat to India. Its length, reckoning from Michael's Bay, on the Caspian, to
the Indus, is as follows : — Kizil Arvat Geok Tepe- Sarakhs Herat Shikapoor Total
147 miles. 89| „ 205| ...

The Silk Road China And The Karakorum Highway

Author: Jonathan Tucker
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
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... by the same hand, on the end wall of Cave 163 at Kizil. Both paintings may tell
the story of the Buddha and the Goddess of Music. The Buddha – who disguises
himself as a musician – challenges a woman, proud of her musical skills, to a lute
-playing contest. She is shamed by the Buddha's superior playing and becomes
his devotee. Sites around Kuqa Kumtura An ancient trail led along the Muzart
River to the important Buddhist site at Kumtura. Pack animals are unable to
negotiate ...

The History Of Russia From The Foundation Of The Empire To The War With Turkey In 1877 78 By H Tyrrell And H A Haukeil

Author: Henry Tyrrell (teacher of elocution.)
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... issued to strike tents, pack luggage, and load everything on the numerous
commissariat waggons, as the boom of the artillery thundered louder, and the
sharp rattling of the breech-loaders grew sharper still. For the moment the
Russians thought that they were being attacked by the whole of Mukhtar Pasha's
army, and then they began to prepare for a retreat across the frontier. They soon
saw, however, that the attack was evidently to gain possession of the Kizil Tepe,
and regained ...

Researches In Asia Minor Pontus And Armenia

Author: William John Hamilton
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The nearest point of the Kizil Irmak was said to be two hours and a half (or
between seven and eight miles) distant from hence, Ak Serai eight hours, Nemb
Sheher nine, and Kir Sheher five. Sunday, July 16. — Again the horses came
without pack- saddles, and I was kept waiting several hours while camels were
sent for. The Turcomans of this district, like their Cappadocian predecessors of
old, are great breeders of horses, which, of course, they sell as soon as possible
to other parts ...

Les Sogdiens En Chine

Author: Éric Trombert
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Murals with this theme exist in the following locations: In Kizil Cave No. 38 (see
fig. 1, plate 18) the east slope of the ceiling shows Sabo raising his burning arms
as torches, while a merchant looks into the distance with his right hand raised
and his left hand holding a stick. Standing next to them are an ox and a pack
donkey9. The merchant has deep-set eyes and high-bridged nose. He is dressed
in a tight-sleeved blue coat and wears a white, high-crowned, beret-like hat. The
cave ...