John William Mccormack

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John William McCormack: A Political Biography sheds light on the behind-the-curtain machinations of American politics and the origins of the modern-day Democratic party, facilitated through McCormack's triumphs.

The New York Times Biographical Service

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His schedule was never too crowded to prevent him from greeting old
acquaintances, Boston "pols," or the nuns, priests and brothers wanting to shake
hands with a devoted churchman, the first Roman Catholic Speaker in Con- An
irony of Mr. McCormack's long career was that, while he was for more than a year
first in line of succession for the Presidency after the assassination of John F.
Kennedy, and for many more years than that one of the nation's most powerful
political figures, ...

The Speakers Of The U S House Of Representatives

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John William McCormack ( 1 89 1 - 1 980) 266 Manuscript Collections 267 Books
, Articles, and Dissertations 267 Works by John W McCormack 267 Biographical
Sketches and Eulogies 268 McCormack and Massachusetts Politics 268
McCormack's Political Associates 268 McCormack's Congressional Career 268
General 268 The New Deal and World War II 269 The McCormack-Dickstein
Committee 269 McCormack's Speakership 269 General 269 McCormack's
Election to the ...

T J Ryan

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A Political Biography D. J. Murphy ... metropolitan seat of Paddington; William
Gillies, a cane farmer, became the new member for the far northern sugar seat of
Eacham; John Huxham, a Brisbane merchant with a long history of service to the
party, was returned for the metropolitan seat of Buranda; a devotee of Ryan,
James Larcombe Jnr., was elected for the central seat of Keppel and the powerful
union secretary McCormack joined his friend Theodore as the member for Cairns

American National Biography

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James Cartwright and Paul Worth, john McCormack: A Comprehensive
Discography (1986), includes a foreword by Gwendolyn McCormack-Pyke and is
the definitive work in this genre. STEPHANIE TINGLER MCCORMACK, John
William (21 Dec. 1891-22 Nov. 1980), Speaker of the U.S. House of
Representatives (1963-1971), was born in South Boston, Massachusetts, the son
of Joseph H. McCormack, a stonemason, and Mary E. O'Brien. When his father
died, John left school at ...

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Merit Students Encyclopedia

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In 1960, John F. Kennedy, then a Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, was
elected President of the United States. He was the first Massachusetts-born
President since John Quincy Adams. In 1962 President Kennedy's youngest
brother, Edward M. Kennedy, was elected a Democratic Senator from
Massachusetts. In 1966, the state's voters elected Edward Brooke, a liberal
Republican, to the Senate. He was the first black Senator since Reconstruction.
The state's liberalism was ...

Celebrity Register

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McCORMACK, JOHN W. A VETERAN Congressman, Democrat and Boston
politician, this lanky Irishman has long had telling influence both in his home
town and in Congress — where he can be counted upon to round up votes or
help transform a favored bill into law. John William McCormack was born in
South Boston, 21 December 1891, where he was admitted to the State bar in
1913. In 1920 he married M. Harriet Joyce (prominent in music circles). His
political career began ...