January Rain

Author: Daniel Anderson
Publisher: Story Line Pr
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Concerned with the music of language, many of these poems are neo-formalist with plot and persona as well, From season to season, city to seaside, January Rain offers up a unique, meditative relationship with the world.

A Chill Rain In January

Author: L. R. Wright
Publisher: Felony & Mayhem Press
ISBN: 1631940082
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It’s sunny days for Staff Sergeant Karl Alberg, even as everyone else in Canada is shivering.

January Rain

Author: Katherine Kuzma-Beck
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781523294305
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In these last ten years in Boston, Lorelei Winston has achieved everything she ever wanted, and has finally left the past behind.

The Daydreamer

Author: January Rain
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781541016552
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In the not-so-distant future, life has lost creative thought.

The Rain Wizard

Author: Larry Dane Brimner
Publisher: Highlights Press
ISBN: 162979435X
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Rain? Only Showers—Hatfield Fixing Up Real Downpour, Rainmaker Says,”
San Diego Union, January 18, 1916. “him with correct data . . .”: Terence
Cosgrove, “'Rainmaker' Must Prove He Milked Skies—Cosgrove,” San Diego
Union, January 16, 1916, p. 29. “He will not...”: Terence Cosgrove, Ibid. “
seventeen and . . .”: Charles Hatfield, “Hatfield Confident as Ever, Telephones
from Aerie at Dam,” San Diego Union, January 19, 1916. “If Hatfield made . . .”: “
Chance for Hatfield to Grab ...

Measuring The Impact Of Climate Change On Indian Agriculture

Author: Ariel Dinar
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780821341926
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... Terms January Temperature (JanT) April Temperature (AprT) July Temperature
(JulT) October Temperature (OctT) January Temperature Square (JanT2) April
Temperature Square (AprT2) July Temperature Square (JulT2) October
Temperature Square (OctT2) January Rain (JanR) April Rain (AprR) July Rain (
JulR) October Rain (OctR) January Rain Square (JanR2) April Rain Square (
AprR2) July Rain Square (JulR2) October Rain Square (OctR2) January
Temperature X January ...

The Natural History Of Selborne With Additions By Thomas Brown Sixth Edition

Author: Gilbert White
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tion of rain. To the end of the year, dry, frosty weather, with some days of hard
rain. 1777. To the 10th of January, hard frost: to the 20th of January, foggy, with
frequent showers. To the 18th of February, hard, dry frost, with snow. To the end
of May, heavy showers, with intervals of warm, dry, spring days. To the 8th of July,
dark, with heavy rain: to the 18th of July, dry, warm weather: to the end of July,
very heavy rains. To the 12th of October, remarkably fine, warm weather. To the
end of ...

Rain Of Fire

Publisher: Human Rights Watch
ISBN: 1564324583
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In the residential area around Majid al-Najjar's house, Human Rights Watch
found extensive and irrefutable evidence of white phosphorus use, although it
was not clear if the wedges had landed on January 10 or 13. Shell remains
marked THS89D112-003 155MM M825E1lay inside a burned multi-story home
with a hole in the ceiling next to a mosque. In another burned home, lay a white
phosphorus canister and the base of a white phosphorus shell. A white
phosphorus shell marked ...

Climate Of New South Wales Descriptive Historical And Tabular

Author: Henry Chamberlaine Russell
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Shock of earthquake 8 a.m. on 28th January ; abundant rain, January. February
20th, river very high to-day ; nine days rain. March, plenty of rain ; nineteen days.
April, rain on nine days, not very much. May, abundant rain, fifteen days ; river
very high on 21st. June, not much rain, five days. July, rain twelve days, moderate
. August, rain on six days, dry. September, rain on eight days, dry. October 12,
thunderstorm in afternoon with enormous hail some as large as turkey's eggs,
weighed ...

The Natural History Of Selborne With Addition By Sir W Jardine Bart A New Edition

Author: Gilbert White
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333 September, rain, with a few intervals of fine weather. To the end of the year,
rain, with intervals of hoar frost and sunshine. 1776. To January 24, dark, frosty
weather, with much snow. March 24, to the end of the month, foggy, with hoar
frost. To the 30th of Ma , dark, dry, harsh weather, with cold winds. To the end 0
the first fortnight in July, warm, with much rain. To the end of the first week in
August, hot and dry, with intervals of thunder showers. To the end of October, in
general fine ...