Grand Theft Pentagon

Author: Jeffrey St. Clair
Publisher: Common Courage Pr
ISBN: 9781567513363
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tales of corruption and profiteering in the war on terror Jeffrey St. Clair. and to feel
dependent on them for their own safety. It worked, naturally. One reporter for a
national network trembled on camera that the US army functioned as "our
protectors." The late David Bloom of NBC confessed on the air that he was willing
to do "anything and everything they can ask of us." When the Pentagon needed a
heroic story, the press obliged. Jessica Lynch became the war's first instant

American Patriot

Author: Robert Coram
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0316007595
Size: 69.54 MB
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The Life and Wars of Colonel Bud Day Robert Coram ... IT is a safe
generalization to say most national media either do not understand military
issues or do not think those issues are relevant, interesting, or newsworthy. ... In
early 1996 Lewinsky was transferredto the Pentagon, where shemeta career
government worker named LindaTripp. ... As the sordid tale ofBillClinton, Paula
Jones, and Monica Lewinsky became the top news storyin America, andas
everything Bud Daydidon ...


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A garrison state This history of the Pentagon traces the story of how the United
States became besotted with military power, ... I have the eyes of a soldier's son
through which I see everything. ... "Nuclear weapons inform the tale from start to
finish, but more as the gods of a new religion than as mere instruments of war.

The Audacity Of Hype

Author: Armando Iannucci
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748114777
Size: 61.68 MB
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Bewilderment, sleaze and other tales of the 21st century Armando Iannucci ...
1991 was turned to animated computer game, encouraged by Pentagon briefings
that focused on graphically generated images ... No reporter, his or her life
literally being protected by the military round them, was going to file a report
saying, 'The troops ... Everything is a selection. ... to the war, Tony Blair's
assertion that he would not go to war without a second UN resolution soon
became too boring to cover ...

The World Today

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The shape of security in Iraq became clear with the formation of the Iraqi Facilities
Protection Force, dubbed Task ... The task force is a dedicated infrastructure
security organisation with US military personnel, private contractors and local
Iraqi citizens. ... Firstly, since the end of the Cold War, questions over the need for
governments to retain large armies and arsenals ... Lockheed Martin and Boeing
collectively receiving over $42 billion in Pentagon contracts for everything from
airport ...


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CIA officers grilled Ahmed for days but finally concluded he was making up the
tale. ... A warning that tells you everything and nothing. ... Back at Langley, CIA
and Army special-operations officers drafted contingency plans for commandos
to fight their way into Afghanistan ... The Pentagon is still looking at targets to hit,
and the CIA continues covert operations to trip up bin Laden operatives. ... In the
calculus of terrorism, the last side to show its fangs becomes the victor for the

The Liberty Bell

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That is, until the First World War, where — as the greatest Pompous Posturing
Ass in all of France — he assumed the ... Dear reader, to understand the thinking
of Georges Clemenceau is to understand the thinking of our Whiz Kids:
everything looks ... They insisted that a complete lack of military experience in the
running of the Pentagon didn't really matter, because ... After only a week or so—
having mastered all that there is to know about military science — our Whiz Kids
became ...

Labor And Nation

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General Clinton Robinson doing everything possible to hamstring the labor
morale unit. Within a few months, the ... The two presidential admonitions, it can
be stated, had no influence on the Army “brass.” The next ... They had ardent
support from Howard Petersen, the Assistant Secretary of War today, who was
then ... They carried endless tales to PatterSon, playing on his innate credulity. ...
"Morale Begins at the Butcher Shop” The situation became, nevertheless,
increasingly tense.